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‘I’m not made for TV’: Gemma from MAFS cries after Zoe calls her ‘bitter about the edits’

This cast cannot catch a break

After a big weekend of seriously unpleasant drama, it seems like the MAFS UK kick offs are not slowing down – Gemma Rose shared a now-deleted video to her Instagram story responding to comments made by Zoe in hers and Jenna’s OK Magazine interview.

‘I’m not f*cking made for TV’

Gemma is visibly upset in the video, and says: “I just went on OK Magazine to read my friend’s interview to see that Zoe said I was bitter about the edit. Of course I was bitter about the edit. It made me out to be a f*cking sexual predator.

“I never disputed the things that I said, I just said the narrative made no sense because they cut out my husband’s comments.

“I tell you what, I’m not f*cking made for TV.”

Via @reallifeofgemrose

The video comes after comments made by Zoe in hers and wife Jenna’s interview with OK. After being asked how they felt about Matt and Whitney continuing in the experiment and how they treated Duka and Gemma, Zoe said: “I think they were offered the opportunity in front of Gemma and Duka, which was wrong.

“I also think that we signed up to a process where people are being matched on science, and they hadn’t been matched up. Them coming back caused animosity within the group. I think Gemma is very bitter about the edits. I don’t really know much about her story to know whether it was edited correctly or incorrectly.”

Zoe then says that Duka is doing well for himself and has a girlfriend. Zoe then says that Gemma is doing well for herself after MAFS UK too, and Jenna speaks up in agreement.

Gemma has now deleted her Instagram.

The Tab has approached Channel 4 for comment. 

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