Kasia from MAFS UK uploaded wedding pictures to Instagram and scribbled out Kwame

The level of petty we all should strive to be

Last night was the first episode of Married at First Sight UK was had without Kasia, but she still managed to steal the MAFS show with an Instagram post that was better than the episode itself. I mean, it helped her cause that it was the most boring MAFS episode of the season, but still.

Last week, Queen Kasia finally binned off Kwame – and it was a long time coming. And how does she mark the first episode since she departed? Like the way only an icon can…

‘He likes privacy’

Kasia uploaded four pictures from her Married at First Sight UK wedding day, only with Kwame completely scribbled out. In her caption she said “This one was never going to be for me and I’m okay with that. The wedding was a practice run and I’ve learnt what NOT to do next time.”

She also dragged his clothes, which I thought was legendary, saying “My husband will have good taste in clothes and will NOT turn up at the end of the aisle in an old man’s red suit.”

My friends have asked me a lot who I actually like on Married at First Sight UK, and the answer is pretty much no one – which is funny for a show that I’ve feasted on so ferociously for the last few months. But I DO like Kasia – and I love her forever now for being a MAFS UK legend.

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Featured image credit:@kasia.london and Channel 4