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Married at First Sight UK stars Adrian and Thomas are no longer on speaking terms

Thomas said he doesn’t want ‘any association’ with the rest of the cast either

Married at First Sight UK cast members Adrian Sanderson and Thomas Hartley are no longer speaking to each other. Thomas recently came under fire by his fellow cast members and fans of MAFS after videos of him on the What’s Happenin’ podcast went viral and he made a number of offensive comments about his MAFS UK co-stars.

Thomas has since apologised for his comments on the podcast but most of the cast are not having it, with many of them no longer following Thomas on Instagram and vice versa. Despite remaining friends after filming wrapped, the two are no longer talking to one another following the fallout from the podcast.

During an Instagram Q&A, a fan asked Thomas if he and Adrian still spoke to one another. On an Instagram story, Thomas wrote: “No, where most of the cast is concerned now I don’t want any association. I’m just going to do things that make me happy and feel secure.”

Thomas also confirmed that he and Adrian were no longer even friends after a fan asked if they were on Instagram. The Liverpool star said: “No. And I’m letting sitting ducks lie with this now. The show is over and everyone’s on their own paths and I wish him love.” Thomas also said he was no longer friends with Gemma but “wished her all the best”.

Following the fallout from Thomas’ appearance on the What’s Happenin’ podcast, Zoe condemned his comments and blasted him on her social media. In a series of Instagram stories, Zoe wrote: “To then slate your own friend and disrespect Jenna is something that is completely unforgivable. How are What’s Happenin’ finding this funny and encouraging it? They should never be allowed to post again.”

Thomas has profusely apologised for his comments and said he takes “full responsibility” and regrets what he said. During the Q&A, a fan asked if Thomas and Zoe had “made up yet” and he said they hadn’t. “I’m going to take from this that I need to be around my day one family and friends. Zoe is a wonderful person and I think she’s a standout who is kind and amazing and I send her so much love,” he wrote.

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