Matt Marilyse MAFS UK dating

Matt and Marilyse from Married at First Sight UK finally confirm they’re dating

Wonder if Matt’s got a new ‘I appreciate you’ tattoo for her yet

After every Married at First Sight UK viewer on earth has speculated and assumed the situation, MAFS alumni Matt Murray and Marilyse Elena Corrigan have finally confirmed that they’re dating each other.

They honestly took us for fools for trying to make us think they were just mates whilst they were on holiday together in Turkey. And when Matt got kicked out of a club and people were saying he was necking off with Marilyse inside? The signs were there, people! The least shocking news in reality TV history is that Matt and Marilyse from MAFS UK have been dating all along.

Matt and Marilyse have confirmed it via Instagram posts

In classic cringe Matt Murray fashion, he captioned a kissing picture of the two with “Reality TV is not the real world – this is. Good came from the bad.” Okay, sure. Whatever you say, sir!

Mailyse put a series of pictures on with Matt in gym gear, where she’s clutching to a Starbucks cup for dear life. She captioned it “Got there in the end!”

The two have widely been speculated to be dating since the story emerged that they were on holiday together, and they denied it and claimed they were just good friends.

At the time, a source said: “There’s no romance, Marilyse has gone to recover from a marathon which she ran for Kidney Research recently and she’s celebrating with her son that it’s a year since donating her kidney to save his dad’s life.

“Matt has gone to recover from the trauma of the show, as you’ll have seen last night it’s taken a toll on his emotional wellbeing. Marilyse knows oh too well how the public reaction can impact the mental health of the men on the show as she saw how it impacted Frankie.

“So she’s being nothing more than a supportive friend to him whilst other friends from the show are filming the Christmas reunion.”

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