MAFS UK drama roundup

A full roundup of all the brutal MAFS UK drama that’s kicked off since it ended last month

The chaotic gossip never ends

Married at First Sight UK has been off our screens for over a month now, but the MAFS drama has just gone on and on. And on and on and on. It can honestly be hard to keep up with it all at the moment, so what better way to keep yourself fully updated on all the fallouts, social media blockings and shady comments than a handy roundup of every juicy titbit of MAFS UK drama that’s gone on in the last four weeks since we wrote our last one? You’re welcome!

Everyone knows this now, but there’s a Christmas reunion coming with cast from 2021 and 2022

I mean, if you don’t know this by now, are you even a fan of the show? It’s the worst kept secret in telly since Matt Hancock landed in Oz to go in the jungle. We don’t know any details about it all, but Thomas has said there’s festive fun to be had and of course, loads of drama.

The cast have started posting teasers!

Five cast members ruled themselves out of the Christmas reunion (or weren’t asked)

Gemma, Matt, April, George and Whitney have commented that they won’t be at the Christmas reunion.

Matt was already confirmed to not be there after he flew off to holiday with “just good friends” Marilyse from MAFS 2021. A representative for Gemma confirmed to Metro that she pulled out of filming the episode after being vocally unhappy with the way she was edited throughout the season.

Whitney has also not been asked to return. Despite sticking with Matt through the experiment after she left Duka and he left Gemma, the two split by the reunion last week and cited the distance as the reason for their split. Whitney also shared over the weekend that she regrets staying with Matt and that they do not speak and are no longer friends.

April Banbury and George Roberts will also not be there amongst the MAFS UK cast for the Christmas reunion. April has confirmed their split, following the news that George was arrested on suspicion of controlling and coercive behaviour after allegations from his three exes. He denies the accusations.

A source told The Sun: “Not every participant from the 2021 and 2022 series was asked. But considering what key characters both of them were during the most recent run, there was lots of chatter on set about them not being involved.”

Whitney said she regretted staying in the MAFS UK experiment 

Speaking on a Q&A, Whitney said: “I’m gonna say it: I do have regrets. I kind of wish I had just left the experiment right there and then. What you guys didn’t see is I actually said I didn’t know whether I did want to stay in the experiment. You only saw the part after I was convinced I should stay.

“What I actually turned around and said was that I was surrounded by bad vibes and didn’t want to be surrounded by such negativity from people with such strong opinions – I don’t want to be in that environment.

“I do trust my judgement in life and feel like I am a good judge of character, but there are some regrets there.”

Whitney then continued, saying: “The questions you guys are asking are are Matthew and I together, are we friends, and the answer to those questions is no. We don’t speak anymore, we’re not friends, we won’t be getting back together ever. That’s all done and dusted.

Thomas upset the cast, a LOT

First up was Thomas’ interview with, well, me. During an exclusive chat at Nando’s, Thomas didn’t hold back and upset Gemma with comments he said about her needing to “own her shit.” He also blasted Adrian, April and Whitney whilst praising his former friends Zoe, Jenna and Chanita.

A podcast then came out where Thomas made offensive comments about various cast members that caused huge backlash and isolated him from pretty much everyone. He has since apologised.

Zoe called Gemma ‘bitter about the edits’, and Gemma cried on Instagram

Gemma is visibly upset in the video, and says: “I just went on OK Magazine to read my friend’s interview to see that Zoe said I was bitter about the edit. Of course I was bitter about the edit. It made me out to be a f*cking sexual predator.

“I never disputed the things that I said, I just said the narrative made no sense because they cut out my husband’s comments.”

After being asked how they felt about Matt and Whitney continuing in the experiment and how they treated Duka and Gemma, Zoe said: “I think they were offered the opportunity in front of Gemma and Duka, which was wrong.

“I also think that we signed up to a process where people are being matched on science, and they hadn’t been matched up. Them coming back caused animosity within the group. I think Gemma is very bitter about the edits. I don’t really know much about her story to know whether it was edited correctly or incorrectly.”

George announced a documentary, where he plans to ‘speak his truth’

George shared pictures on Instagram of him in front of a camera, captioned “Feels good to be speaking my truth today.” He previously was arrested by the Met Police under suspicion of controlling and coercive behaviour – he denies all charges.

Kwame released a single with a lyric that said ‘d*ck long like placenta’

The whole thing, of course, got annihilated online. Presented without comment.

Johnathan from this year and Amy from last seem to be dating

Johnathan and Amy got pictured together holding hands and looking like they were on a double date with Matt and Marilyse, also widely believed to be dating.


Johnathan and Amy then went to Turtle Bay together, and he sat next to her for the launch of her new jewellery line in Liverpool. The vibes were VERY cosy.

Chanita had a big birthday party, and Thomas wasn’t there

Chanita had a huge birthday party, the first big event where all Thomas’ former friends were present and he wasn’t following the fallout from podcast-gate. To rub salt in the wound, Chanita had her birthday in Liverpool – where Thomas is from and lives. Cast members there included Adrian, Jordan, Jenna, Pjay,  Sophie and Lara.

And thus concludes the second roundup of all the MAFS UK drama. I’ll see you in a month’s time for the inevitable third edition.

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