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Inside MAFS UK Adrian’s boujie life with his Manchester home and lavish holidays

He’s got a gorgeous set of pipes on him

It wouldn’t be a lie to say Adrian saved this year’s season of Married at First Sight UK, and the obsession with him hasn’t ended just yet. A deep dive into the cast’s socials gives you a look into the gorgeous and lavish lives they lead.

37-year-old Adrian Sanderson married Thomas Hartley on the latest season of MAFS UK and whilst the couple had their fair share of highs and lows, they won us all over. Adrian now lives in Manchester in a gorgeous apartment which features a lot on his social media. So here’s a look inside the boujie life of Adrian Sanderson from MAFS UK and his stunning home.

Adrian Sanderson from MAFS UK loves a holiday

Adrian’s Instagram full of holiday photos and him gazing over sunsets – it’s a big mood to be honest. He’s been on holiday to places like Barcelona and Turkey and he makes absolutely zero effort to hide it.

Adrian loves fashion posting his outfit photos

Just recently Adrian has started to post get ready with me videos on his Instagram and they are actually quite iconic.

He’s a digital designer

Adrian’s work is based in Manchester and he has an entire Instagram account dedicated to it. In a recent interview he said he’s trying to find the balance with social media, his fame and his job too.

Adrian actually applied for MAFS UK in 2021

Adrian revealed he actually applied to be on MAFS UK 2021 season and not 2022. However they contacted him this year instead of last. Quite iconic to be honest, being on the MAFS recruiters contact list.

Adrian’s Manchester home is stunning

Adrian’s walls are literally baby pink and they’re complimented by his grey sofa and wooden coffee table.

via Instagram

He also has a huge window that’s way taller than him with a gold drinks trolley filled with spirits and ornaments. Next to his window, Adrian also has a piano which he sometimes plays and showcases his musical talent.

Also Adrian can sing really well as we saw in MAFS when he serenaded Thomas with his favourite song. He sang The Impossible Dream and Thomas called him the “brightest star” – J’adore!

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