Married at First Sight UK Johnathan Sophie

MAFS UK’s Johnathan accuses Sophie of ‘inciting online abuse’ after posting shady TikTok

He also claimed Sophie would tell him she wanted an ambitious partner despite knowing he was unable to work due to his disability

Married at First Sight UK star Johnathan Wileman has spoken out against his former partner Sophie Brown, who he claims has been “inciting online abuse towards him” since filming ended on the E4 dating show. While on the show together, the two found themselves struggling in their relationship after Johnathan’s comment surrounding his preference when dating women. Johnathan has since claimed Sophie’s version of his comments “not only misquoted but also misrepresented” what he had said.  The former carpenter has said he is “deeply saddened” by Sophie’s actions on social media.

The social media post in question is a video of Sophie in gym where she has used the sound of a comment Johnathan made regarding his preference in women.

Johnathan opened up about his disability, hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVs), which can leave people with a number of health issues including numbness in their fingers, being unable to feel things properly and losing strength in their hands. The Married at First Sight UK star claims his disability, which has left him unable to return to his joinery career, was spoken about during filming was cut out of final edits for the show. Johnathan claims Sophie was well aware of his condition but she “regularly” told him “she asked for someone more ambitious and career driven.”

A spokesperson for Johnathan said: “For reasons unknown, his disability was not shown in the final edits, despite him partaking in filming about it. Johnathan is not unambitious, he is simply trying to figure out who he is now that the career he loved was taken through no fault of his own. Sophie knew about his disability and chose to inform him of her personal preference in a partner throughout the show on a regular basis, which was upsetting at the time and continues to impact his mental health now.”

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Johnathan is said to be “extremely upset to learn that Sophie has continued to incite further online abuse towards him due to a misquoted preference, whereas her preferences seem to be perfectly acceptable for her to voice”. During the show, Johnathan made a comment regarding “horse legs”, however he claims he was misquoted.

Despite being upset by her behaviour, Johnathan said he “wishes her well and hopes that she finds happiness in her future”.

The Tab has reached out to Sophie and Channel 4 for comment.

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