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I worked out my 2022 Deliveroo Wrapped, and turns out I’ve spent almost £700 on takeaways

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Spotify Wrapped 2022 is officially out – which means it’s time for my yearly, Deliveroo-based article of shame. Every December, people wonder why Deliveroo doesn’t do a yearly round-up in the same way Spotify does. Everyone wants to see how much they’ve splashed on dragon rolls, pizzas and Pret iced coffees throughout the last 12 months, and I can’t say I blame them.

Luckily for you, we’ve once again devised a way to add up every single sum total of your takeaways across the year. You can find out your top restaurants, cafes and menu items at the push of a button. There’s no need to feel ashamed – but if it helps, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. I’m not at all bothered about revealing how many burgers or buckets of chicken I’ve consumed – and how much Deliveroo groceries has turned me into a full-time recluse. You’re welcome, world.

Here’s how I did it:

deliveroo wrapped 2022

First, head over to your account details and click on the “Orders” section. You’ll be able to see a rundown of every single completed order from the last year. I have absolutely no shame in saying I’ve spent around £685 on takeaways this year – which is pretty spend-savvy compared to last year’s results, frankly.

Next, you’ll need a spreadsheet, document and/or notepad in front of you, so you can jot down all your order totals. My most expensive buys this year were £58 at YO! Sushi (all, sadly, for me), £52 at Nando’s (for myself and my ex… he now owes me £21.50) and £53 on a hungover curry in which the salad appeared to be deep-fried. No regrets. None at all.

Once you’ve got that all written down, add it altogether on your closest calculator. Et voila.

top menu items

You can find out your top ordered items simply by going through your orders and spotting the dish that keeps cropping up, time and time again. For me, the McCrispy ended up taking over my life in just two short months – and not to go all “hashtag ad,” but I’ve loved witnessing the McDonald’s redemption arc in real-time. Spicy McNuggets and the Chicken Big Mac were pieces of art which deserve to be year-round items, if you ask me!

I went through a big break-up in September this year, which meant massive things for the humble prawn gyoza. Over the last three months, my most intimate relationship has been between me and my katsu courier, who I’m now on first-name terms with. Love you, Marciella. Expect a Christmas card in the post.

And, as ever, I’ve really tried to stay loyal to our local dessert place. In theory, chocolatey crepes and waffles doused in cream sound like a drunk person’s dream, but there’s just something there you don’t want to look at. In 2023, I finally need to admit to myself that actually, dessert places are actually a bit shit. If last year’s mantra was “nevertheless, she persisted,” this year’s has to be: “I tried. I failed. It’s time to move on”.

So, all-in-all, do I regret spending this much on takeaways again? The answer is, of course, not at all. What can I say? I’m an impulsive spender who believes in self-care and giving into cravings. Here’s to – yet another – snacky new year.

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