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Just a list of five films and shows you totally forgot Evan Peters had starred in

HOW could we forget The Office’s nepotism baby?


Evan Peters has indisputably become known for his ability to play the most unhinged, twisted, evil men in history. From Jeffrey Dahmer to Charles Manson; Jim Jones to David Koresh, it’s easy to forget he was once known for playing harmless, personable guys in sitcoms and teen dramas.

People haven’t been quiet in saying for the love of god, they just want to see Evan play the protagonist in a fun romcom next. But until we (hopefully) get it, here are all the fun, non-serial-killer-y shows and films you probably forgot Evan Peters had starred in:

1. The Office

evan peters

Photo via NBC/Netflix

How on earth could we have forgotten this iconic appearance? Evan Peters was the guest star in series seven’s opener; Nepotism. He played Michael Scott’s good-for-literally-nothing nephew, Luke, who was hired as an intern because the manager wanted to repair his relationship with his half-sister.

Evan was only in it for a few scenes – the most memorable being Michael spanking him after he targeted Andy, Angela and Oscar with a laser-pointer.

2. Phil of the Future

phil of the future

Photo via Disney

All the way back in 2004, Evan starred in one of his very first acting roles, in Disney’s Phil of the Future. He was only in it for the first series in its entirety, but he played Phil’s memorable best friend Seth.

3. Never Back Down

never back down

Photo via Summit Entertainment

This long-forgotten martial arts film was hardly the box-office smash of the century, but die-hard fans might remember a baby-faced Evan playing Max Cooperman.

Max plays a guardian angel who becomes best friends with main character Jake, and introduces him to MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Riveting stuff!

4. One Tree Hill

evan peters

Photo via Warner Bros.

If you stuck with One Tree Hill for the later seasons, you’ll remember Evan Peters was a mainstay as John “Jack” Daniels. From tears to trauma, Evan’s character spent the whole of season six working on his horrific past, while trying to navigate the world around him.

5. X-Men

evan peters

Photo via Marvel

Marvel fans are simply unforgiven if they forgot about Evan’s regular stint in the X-Men franchise. The star played fast-moving Quicksilver (also known as Peter Maximoff), in X-Men: Days of Future Past, X-Men: Apocalypse and X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

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