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So, did King Charles’ bodyguards actually wear fake hands? We finally know the answer

This may shock (some) of you

This question has plagued me all week. Every morning, I ask myself: “Are the bodyguards wearing rubber hands?” and when I fall asleep at night, I only ever dream of fake arms and tucked away guns.

63 per cent of you decided King Charles’ bodyguards WERE, in fact, keeping their real arms tucked away at the Queen’s funeral. TikTok conspiracy theorists believed security officials have to stay subtly armed 24/7 at major public events, just in case anyone attempts to hurt the King. The tucked away arms were said to have been carrying a weapon of some kind – like a gun, or knife.

Well, according to Metro, we may finally have the answer.

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Security expert Will Geddes, who has worked as a bodyguard for nearly three decades, told the outlet this theory definitely isn’t true – but just because it doesn’t happen here, doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t a thing at all.

He said: “They definitely aren’t fake hands; I can understand why some people might have thought they were because of what looks like an incredibly tight grip but they definitely aren’t.

“It isn’t a tactic that is used at all in the UK, there might be all sorts of other tricks and stunts that security officers use to make sure high-profile individuals are kept safe, but this wouldn’t be one of them.”

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He described US security as “trigger happy” when it comes to protecting officials – the same theory has been applied to both Joe Biden and Donald Trump’s guards. But here in the UK, it’s just too “high-risk”.

Conclusion? Maybe King Charles’ bodyguards are just really tense.

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