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Hang on, are King Charles’ bodyguards actually using fake hands?

TikTokers reckon they’re plastic

The Queen’s funeral processions took place today (19th September), and obviously, we can’t put on a big British event without some weird conspiracy theory making a cursed debut.

Among the bagpipes, floral wreaths and droning organ music, the Royal Family was seen in its entirety for the first time in ages. King Charles, both of his sons and all his siblings could be found at the front of Westminster Abbey – as well as their bodyguards.

Thankfully, none of the guards fell over this time, and they didn’t “have” to tackle anyone to the ground. But, why let a lack of chaos stop people from pointing out something strange?

This time, viewers are wondering whether King Charles’ bodyguards are actually wearing a fake hand. No, seriously. TikTokers have actually made conspiracy videos pointing out the “fakeness” of their hands.

@jase_the_ace_ King Charles security #kingcharles #buckinghampalace #security #kingcharlesiii #bodygaurd #fakearm ♬ original sound – Jason

Apparently, people think the bodyguards are placing prosthetics in their sleeves, before stowing their actual hands away elsewhere. This is (again, APPARENTLY) so they can readily hold a gun, in case they need to whip it out and deal with any budding assassins.

Viewers have pointed out the hands’ grips “don’t change”, while the “bulge” of the guards’ actual hands is visible in their jackets.

The conspiracy has resurfaced especially for the Queen’s funeral, but other TikToks have shown bodyguards belonging to Joe Biden and Donald Trump may have also used “fake hands”.

@kevhead22 What’s going on with the Bodyguard’s hands? #KingCharles #Bodyguard ♬ Stranger Things – Remix – Dharma

So, what do you reckon? Are King Charles’ bodyguards using a fake hand for “security reasons”?

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