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This is everything Netflix’s Dahmer series got wrong about the case

The writers took a bit of artistic license with these

Netflix’s Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story portrays a lot of the events leading up to (and after) the serial killer’s arrest accurately. From the revolting “meat” sandwich to the incident at the Wisconsin State Fair, most of these shocking scenes were 100 per cent real.

But, because it’s a drama series, it’s always good to know not every single horrific scene actually happened. So, what did the Netflix show actually get wrong about the case?

Glenda Cleveland didn’t live next door to Dahmer – or even in the same building

everything dahmer got wrong

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The Netflix version of Glenda Cleveland was actually based on two people – the real-life Glenda, who lived across the street from Jeffrey Dahmer; and Pamela Bass, who lived a few doors down from the serial killer.

Pamela was offered the infamous “meat” sandwich by Dahmer, and often had multiple run-ins with him due to the foul smell and sounds of screaming coming from his apartment late at night. The real Glenda Cleveland was constantly in contact with the police over Dahmer’s odd behaviour – and did indeed dial 911 with concerns about 14-year-old Konerak Sinthasomphone.

She later met with the Reverend Jesse Jackson after Dahmer’s sentencing, to discuss her struggle to get the police to believe her.

There were only two locks on Dahmer’s door

In the first episode of Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, survivor Tracy Edwards is seen struggling to unlock several bolts on Jeffrey Dahmer’s door, adding to the horrifying tension.

However, Dahmer’s apartment in the Oxford Building actually only had two locks on it.

He actually changed his own mind about killing Ronald Flowers

what dahmer got wrong

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Yes, Jeffrey Dahmer did lure Ronald Flowers back to his grandma’s house. His car had broken down, just as it had in the series, and the cannibal offered him a lift. Once he got there, Dahmer drugged Ronald’s coffee and the next thing he knew, he was waking up in the hospital.

While the series shows Dahmer’s grandma foiling his plans; in real life, he actually decided on his own not to kill Ronald. After drugging him, Dahmer realised he weighed over 250 pounds, and would simply be too heavy. Ronald has stated in the past that he was assaulted by Dahmer – and police actually did go to question the killer, but believed his story.

Dahmer didn’t drink blood while working at the Plasma Centre

While living with his grandma, Dahmer began working at the Milwaukee Plasma Centre, where he’d often take blood from people wanting to donate – this is a known fact.

But, a shocking scene in which he turns down his dinner in favour of gulping down bags of blood didn’t actually happen. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Dahmer confessed he did sneak away to the Centre’s rooftop to try a small vial of blood – but he actually spat it out.

Judge William Gardner was *heavily* criticised for letting Dahmer off the hook

everything dahmer got wrong

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Before murdering Konerack Sinthasomphone, Dahmer turned his attentions to his brother, Somack.

Somack was luckily able to get away, and Dahmer was convicted of his sexual assault. But the Judge overseeing his sentencing was, inarguably, far too lenient on the serial killer. He gave Dahmer one year in a House of Correction, and was met with widespread criticism from the public.

In real life, the Sinthasomphone family wasn’t even present at the sentencing – because no-one informed them it was happening.

Officers Balcerzak and Gabrish didn’t receive ‘Officer of the Year’ after being reinstated

Making for one of the most outrageous scenes in the entire series – Officers Balcerzak and Gabrish supposedly receive Officer(s) of the Year awards after being reinstated. Of course, the reason they were suspended in the first place was due to letting Dahmer take Konerack Sinthasomphone home with him, before remarking they needed to be “de-loused” after being in a gay man’s apartment.

Thankfully – the awards never actually happened. But, the police force did decide to reinstate them after the incident.

Tony Hughes and Dahmer knew each other for two years before he was killed

tony hughes

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The nature of Tony and Dahmer’s relationship is a major point of contention in the series. Dahmer insisted he only met Tony on the night he killed him, like so many of his other victims. But people close to Tony state the pair knew each other for the best part of a year before he was murdered; while others say they even knew each other for two years.

There’s no record of Sandra Smith’s arrest

The final episode shows Glenda Cleveland’s daughter, Sandra Smith, arrested after throwing a kid’s camera while he was taking photos of the Oxford Apartments. There’s no record of this ever happening, and this scene is widely speculated to be an invention of Ryan Murphy.

Jeffrey Dahmer didn’t actually wear his glasses in court


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According to Shari Dahmer (and Deseret News), the serial killer didn’t actually want to wear his trademark aviators in court. This was due to the fact that he couldn’t actually see anyone without them on – and in court, he didn’t particularly want to face anyone anyway.

“He’s not wearing glasses so that he can’t see people. He panics,” she said.

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