twitter is dead

Twitter may be dying, but these 14 memes prove we were laughing until the end

Quickly Googling ‘how to create a block list irl’

Well, it looks like Elon might’ve done it. Ex-Twitter staffers are predicting the app won’t last the weekend, after workers walked out en-masse before being locked out of their office building.

This could well be *the end* for one of the most revolutionary social media platforms since 2009 – and, as someone with a gorgeous blue tick, I’m constantly wondering how else I’m going to get instant gratification and/or validation that I’m a living, breathing person.

Thankfully, the memes have been on absolute top form, as usual! So, before you press send on that eulogy you have prepped; read these 14 memes about Twitter dying to cheer yourself up:

1. It’s what the people NEED

2. Digging out my old DS from the loft now

3. The way I’m so ready to go down with the ship

4. Waddle on!

5. Twitter should take a leaf out of Hannah Montana’s book and do Twitter 2: Twitter Forever

6. Suddenly I regret not taking a Gals Who Code class

7. See you on Mastodon, Shirley Carter’s Pussy

8. Gems like this are why Twitter is a need, not a want

9. ‘I had a blue tick once!’ ‘Ok nan’

10. There’s a can

11. Classic

12. Procrastinating by thinking of one last hit tweet

13. Evil

14. It’s all a bit cringe sorry

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Featured image via @elonmusk on Twitter.