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‘RCTA’ is trending on TikTok but it’s a controversial acronym, this is what it stands for

People like Oli London have come into the conversation

The acronym “RCTA” has been trending on TikTok for around a month now and it has gained over 5.8 million views but still the majority of people on the app are unfamiliar with the term. Here’s everything you need to know about the acronym including what it stands for and everything it is related to.

What does ‘RCTA’ on TikTok mean?

Okay so, @kyamewa explains RCTA means “race change to another”. There’s also another way of flipping the phrase to “ECTA” which means “ethnicity change to another.” The original video explaining the definition has had over 33,000 views and has hundreds of comments too.


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As @kyamewa explains: “Basically this has the same concept as being transracial; however these RCTA-identifying people believe that they are more educated than them because they tried to learn more about the inner culture and languages which still doesn’t make it good. So as an actual Korean here, I want to talk about my experiences with my own ethnicity.

“I moved to Canada when I was in grade four, around seven years ago. Actually, the first thing I experienced when I moved to Canada was racism. I was immediately put into the English Second Language program so I was seen as this kid who couldn’t speak English,” she says.

She goes on to share her experience of being bullied at school and how RCTA-identifying people “don’t know the experiences of other minorities.” The acronym is connected to people like Oli London, who was born caucasian and has since undergone 32 different procedures over eight years to look Korean.”

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