Footasylum Locked In season three

Here’s how you can watch Footasylum Locked In featuring GK Barry and Kate Elisabeth

The Burnt Chip is also in the cast omg

Footasylum Locked In season three is finally dropping and the cast is iconic. But if you haven’t watched before then you’re probably not familiar with how it works – think Big Brother but with TikTok and YouTuber influencers. Here’s a rundown of how Footasylum Locked In works including whether there’s a cash prize and how you can watch it.

What is Footasylum Locked In?

Footasylum’s Locked In is a show where YouTube and TikTok stars get sent into a house for two weeks. The contestants have no access to their phones, social media or anything in the outside world – it has huge Big Brother vibes. The influencers take part in challenges in order to win points. The line-up in season one featured JMX, Bambino Becky. Season two had Millie T and Anastasia Kingsnorth and now its third season has our queen GK Barry and some other famous faces too.

Is there a prize for Footasylum Locked In?

So for the influencer who gains the most points, they will win a grand prize of £10,000.

How can I watch Footasylum Locked In?

New episodes will be out daily at 7pm on the Footasylum YouTube channel and there’s also an opportunity to cast your vote online. The show starts on 2nd November

Watch the full launch video for Footasylum Locked In season three below.

The cast is iconic, here’s who features in Footasylum Locked In season three

The Burnt Chip – 1.5 million subscribers 

GK Barry – 2.6 million TikTok followers 

Night Scape – 1.12 million subscribers

Rachel Bada – 72.2k subscribers 

Kate Elisabeth – 530k subscribers 

Oliva Weedall – 129.6k TikTok followers 

M1 Official – 6.77k subscribers

Max Khadar – 3.92k subscribers

Ilyas – 16.6k subscribers 

Dest Dol -53.1k subscribers

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