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‘It’s anti-abortion propaganda’: People are disgusted by this one scene in Blonde

Planned Parenthood has even released a statement about it

Netflix’s Blonde has already attracted *so much* criticism from viewers for being, frankly, “shit”. From talking photos to unnecessary sexualisation, the film feels like a cringe-fest from start-to-finish. But, one scene has risen above all others as by far the most controversial.

Viewers have criticised the now-infamous “foetus scene” for being “anti-choice” and “hateful”. It shows a talking foetus in Ana De Armas’ stomach, trying to convince her not to abort it.

US pro-choice charity Planned Parenthood has even released a statement about the “vomitous” clip, accusing director Andrew Dominik of making “propaganda”.


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In the film, Norma Jeane (Marilyn Monroe’s real name) has an abortion. When she discovers she’s pregnant for the second time, she cradles her stomach as a small child’s voice says: “You won’t hurt me this time, will you? Do what you did the last time?”

We then see an image of a foetus, as it continues, “you did mean to, it was your decision.”

The clip went viral on Twitter and TikTok after one user drew attention to it. “I cannot stop thinking about this vomitous scene from Blonde”, she said. “Andrew Dominik didn’t even try to conceal his anti-choice views and hatred for Marilyn.” The video has been viewed over 3 million times.

According to Distractify, Marilyn never actually had an abortion despite being pregnant three times – she sadly had two miscarriages, and one ectopic pregnancy,

In a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, Planned Parenthood said: “Planned Parenthood respects artistic license and freedom, however, false images only serve to reinforce misinformation and perpetuate stigma around sexual and reproductive health care. Every pregnancy outcome — especially abortion — should be portrayed sensitively, authentically, and accurately in the media.

“We still have much work to do ensure that everyone who has an abortion can see themselves onscreen. It is a shame that the creators of ‘Blonde’ chose to contribute to anti-abortion propaganda and stigmatize people’s health care decisions instead.”

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