Blonde is the worst movie Netflix has ever made and all these moments prove it

Marilyn Monroe’s death scene was filmed in the exact same spot she died in

Content warning: Mention of rape and abuse.

Netflix’s new psychological drama Blonde has only been streaming for a day and has faced a wave of criticism for its portrayal of Marilyn Monroe and the traumas she faced in her life. Blonde looks at the rise to fame of Marilyn Monroe and her later demise but the film has been described as “degrading, exploitative and misogynistic” by critics and fans have even been turning off the movie barely halfway through. The movie stars Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe, the star of many movie blockbusters including Knives Out and No Time To Die. Yet, her role in Blonde has been an absolute car crash.

Blonde has faced backlash for being ‘disgusting’ and ‘disrespectful’

One user on TikTok has criticised the Blonde Netflix movie for being “vile” and “disrespectful” to Marilyn Monroe. In a video, Kai said: “Blonde came out today and I have never been so disgusted by a movie in my life. While watching this movie I was doing context reading and I am disgusted. How this movie has passed through so many people and no one thought to go ‘this is disgusting and disrespectful to a real life human being that has died’ is beyond me.”

The TikToker went into more detail as to why movie is so shocking and called it a “treadmill of trauma” as the film doesn’t focus on any of her successes and instead all the hardships she faced in her life.

The director of the film said Blonde is a movie about someone who is going to take their own life

Andrew Dominik, Blonde’s director, said the most important thing about Marilyn Monroe’s life is that she took her own life. In an interview with Sight and Sound, Dominik said the movie is “about a person who is going to be killing themself”, and throughout the movie it tries to depict why she did that.

Blonde Netflix

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He said: “It’s not looking at her lasting legacy. I mean, she’s not even terribly concerned with any of that stuff. If you look at Marilyn Monroe, she’s got everything that society tells us is desirable. She’s famous. She’s beautiful. She’s rich. If you look at that Instagram version of her life, she’s got it all. And she killed herself. Now, to me, that’s the important thing.”

They filmed Marilyn Monroe’s death scene in the exact same spot she died in real life

Blonde was filmed in the real life house of Marilyn Monroe and filmed her death scene in the exact spot Marilyn Monroe died in real life. Speaking at the Venice Film Festival, the movie’s director said: “We started shooting on August 4th, which was the anniversary of her death. The room she dies in [in the film] is the room she died in; her dust is everywhere in Los Angeles. It definitely took on elements of being like a séance.”

Blonde Netflix

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In the movie there are two rape scenes, but there is no evidence to ever suggest it happened to Marilyn Monroe

There are two scenes in the Blonde Netflix movie where Marilyn Monroe is raped, one which involves an unnamed American president. However, there is no reporting on this ever taking place. While Marilyn Monroe was still alive, she only ever spoke of alleged sexual abuse she faced during her childhood.

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