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Hate to break it to you, but Mike Tindall was once ‘caught’ at a ‘Mad M**get Weekender’

‘It was nothing we didn’t do in 2003, not one player threw a dw*rf’

I’m A Celeb viewers have enjoyed watching “likeable guy” Mike Tindall and his rapping antics over the last couple of nights. But, like almost every other member of the Royal Family, he doesn’t come without his controversies.

While the campmate says he’s best known for playing rugby – this, obvs, isn’t the case. We all know him as the husband of Zara Tindall; granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II and daughter of Princess Anne.

This weird combo often means his questionable decisions are documented around the world. And – sorry to break it to you – all of Britain’s biggest papers reported on him allegedly attending a problematic “Mad M**get Weekender” night, which supposedly involved participants throwing Little People.

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Mike Tindall and the then-England rugby squad went to celebrate after beating Argentina in the World Cup over 10 years ago, and according to The Sun, he was pictured on Facebook enjoying the questionable club night at the Altitude Bar in Queenstown, NZ.

Rich Deane, the manager of the bar, denied all allegations of so-called “dw*rf-throwing” at the time: “Firstly there was no dw*rf throwing – that’s just not cool!” he said. “Secondly, there was no scandal by any of the English rugby players that we saw. They were great lads, not throwing the m**gets, it was all light-hearted good humoured fun! This is the tabloids taking photos out of context and telling silly stories”

In 2015, Mike responded to the claims himself. “Do I have any regrets about the evening?’ he said. ‘No because I had a good time with a lot of the players that I enjoyed playing with, with a lot of fans who I enjoy spending time with. It was nothing we didn’t do in 2003, not one player threw a dw*rf”.

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