Then and now: Chris Moyles wasn’t lying when he said he looks completely different these days

Olivia Attwood straight up told him she didn’t recognise him anymore

A new series of I’m A Celebrity has just started, and a lot of the time, the cast members who head into the jungle are shall we say, past the heights of their career. Chris Moyles has been out of the mainstream for a long time, so when he appeared back on our screens, a lot of people were shocked by how different he looks from before. After all, it’s been 10 years since he was sacked by Radio 1.

On the show, Chris has been joking himself about looking different. The first celeb to meet him was Olivia Attwood, who instantly said she didn’t recognise him anymore, to which Chris joked was because he “used to be really fat”. So, what did Chris Moyles look like back in the day?

I'm A Celebrity star Chris Moyles before and after and what he has said about his weight loss

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Chris Moyles is 48, and best known as a radio presenter and host of Radio 1’s Breakfast Show. He presented The Chris Moyles Show on BBC Radio 1 from 2004 to 2012. From his radio fame, he’s also appeared on a number of television shows, and wrote an autobiography in 2006. Right now, he’s a presenter on Radio X.

Speaking to Ross Kemp on his podcast The Kempcast, Moyles said he suffers from body dysmorphia and detailed his struggle with his weight during lockdown. “Before lockdown, Monday, Wednesday, Friday I would do the show we would have a quick meeting… and then I’d get to the gym and I’d train 11-12 or 11-1, depending on how fat I was feeling,” he said.

Chris Moyles before and after

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He continued: “I’m fascinated by body dysmorphia because I really have an issue with body dysmorphia, which I think most people do. I’ve lost six stone from when I was 18 stone. I know my body really well now, and I’m still learning. I don’t have the metabolism of an 18-year-old girl or boy, I just don’t.”

I'm A Celebrity star Chris Moyles before and after and what he has said about his weight loss

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During his career, Moyles has always been surrounding by controversy. He’s been accused of homophobia and racism, made Auschwitz jokes and has been in the centre of a sexism row. In 2012, eight years after he began presenting the Radio 1 Breakfast Show, Chris Moyles was sacked and replaced by Nick Grimshaw.

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