Olivia Attwood’s wild transformation and how different she’s looked over the years

She had botox and permanent makeup done for the jungle


Olivia Attwood was only back on our screens as part of the I’m A Celebrity 2022 cast for 24 hours, and honestly, this was an injustice. Whilst she was on the show though, a lot of people were commenting that Olivia Attwood was looking a bit different recently – but she’s never shied away from sharing her dramatic transformation.

Olivia has always been very open and honest about cosmetic work and surgery she’s had done, and has posted her own before and after pictures with huge throwbacks from before she was famous. She’s even spoken about getting some procedures ahead of the I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here jungle. Here is a look at the transformation Olivia Attwood has had over the years.

Olivia Attwood had a pretty wild transformation pre her Love Island fame

Old pictures of I'm A Celebrity 2022 star Olivia Attwood before cosmetic surgery transformation

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When she headed into the Love Island villa in 2017, loads of throwback pics of Olivia emerged, and yes, she looks completely different. In a lot of the pictures, it’s the makeup trends that really do it. Captioning an old picture of herself, Olivia joked about having “no eyebrows” and reminisced of the days when we’d all die for our kohl eyeliners. Feels.

“Black kohl eyeliners had me in a chokehold for most of my teens,” she said. “This one’s for the ‘yoU dIdn’t NEed filLers’ trolls – I have seen more definition on a paper cut. Please take several seats. The eyebrows.. what eyebrows? The end.”

Olivia has had lip filler and filler under her eyes, she’s had two boob jobs, and was pictured on Instagram in a huge chin strap, having something done on her face. It was later reported she had a £2.5k chin liposuction and contouring procedure. She has said that she’s been having filler “for years”.

She looks even more different now

Olivia Attwood on Love Island and after surgery transformation

via ITV / Instagram @oliviajadeattwood

Back in 2019, after she was in the villa, Olivia said she had some of her top lip filler removed, and said she had taken getting it done “too far”. She said that after visiting a cosmetic surgeon, she was “convinced” by the doctor to have some of her filler dissolved, and said on Instagram: “I think she’s [the doctor] so right, I’ve been having lip fillers for years, probably five or six years.

“That lip has started to come out of the lip line and started to look really puffy – something I never wanted, so I’m actually excited to start again fresh. It looks better than it did because it was over-filled.” Olivia had previously had lip filler and filler under her eyes, but since getting some removed has said she is “excited” to have more work in the future.

Ahead of her stint in the jungle, she said she had some work done. She’s reported to have had botox done, eyebrow tint and lamination, plus semi-permanent pink lip makeup – all for her time on the show. Speaking ahead of her jungle debut, Olivia said: “So, I did eyebrows, tint and lamination, my lip blush tattooed so it looks like I’ve got a bit of lippy on it’s gone a bit too red in the sun but that’s fine, better than nothing, and I did botox and a facial and that’s it.”

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