Love Island star Olivia Attwood shares throwback picture from before the show and surgery transformation

Olivia Attwood has posted a throwback from before Love Island and her transformation is wild

It’s the makeup look for me

Love Island 2017 star Olivia Attwood has shared a major throwback of what she looked like way before she went on the show and the transformation is nothing short of wild.

Right now there’s a trend where people share old and cringe photos of themselves, basically saying they can’t believe they used to leave the house looking like that, and Olivia has jumped on it. To the viral audio of Tyra Banks saying: “It is so bad I want to give you a zero, but I can’t, so I give you a one” she shared the picture from her teens.

Olivia joked about her bleach blonde hair and kohl eyeliner in the caption, saying: “When @jenniferattwood_ used to tell me my home bleached hair looked trash, I genuinely thought it was because she was jealous. Black kohl eyeliners had me in a chokehold for most of my teens. This one’s for the ‘yoU dIdn’t NEed filLers’ trolls – I have seen more definition on a paper cut. Please take several seats. The eyebrows.. what eyebrows? The end.”

Everyone in the comments has been laughing with her, in agreement that we all went through these awful fashion trends. “Crying! Same same to all of the above! Why were the no brows such a trend,” commented fellow Islander India Reynolds. Another added: “Iconic if you ask me.”

In the past, Olivia has openly admitted to having surgery done since appearing on the show in 2017. She’s had lip filler and filler under her eyes. She said she’s been having filler for years, but has before taken it “too far” and had some of it removed after the procedure. However she is said to be “excited” to have more work in the future. She has also had a boob job, and was pictured on Instagram in a huge chin strap, having something done on her face.

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