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Guys… a member of Beyoncé’s team seemingly just leaked a Renaissance film


Right, I want to preface this by saying the Beyhive has been REALLY patient. Hardly anyone streamed the album when someone leaked it – and when Beyoncé told us to just “enjoy the music”, we took it literally.

Back in August, the undisputed Queen of Pop dropped a trailer for the Renaissance visuals. This is her first album rollout since 2011 which hasn’t seen music videos for every track being released on the same day, so people were keen to find out when, where and how to access them this time around.

The unprecedentedly *long* wait began for some kind of update (any kind of update!) and now, even though we don’t have any official confirmation, it looks like a Renaissance film is coming really soon.

How do we know this, exactly? Well… by clinging onto every miniscule breadcrumb her team decides to give us, obviously.

One of her producers leaked details of the rollout on Instagram

In a pic posted on her story, Syd, producer of Plastic Off The Sofa, held up a “thank you” card along with a bunch of beautiful, white flowers. While the card was signed simply as “B”, she tagged Beyoncé directly in the post.

The card read: “Thank you for contributing so much to the film. I’m looking at the footage and you’re incredible. I’m forever grateful. B”.

Fan account @B7Album tweeted the photo, and it received 11.4k likes from excited members of the Beyhive.

So, what do we know about the film so far?


Photo via Parkwood Entertainment

It looks like the video rollout could be in a similar style to 2016’s Lemonade; while every single track will have its own visual, each one will be intertwined in a two-hour long narrative.

The Renaissance film will be filled with queer joy and nods to retro, ’80s Ballroom Culture – evident by Beyoncé’s homage to drag queen Moi Renee in Pure/Honey.  Fans have even speculated iconic films like The Shining will be referenced to emphasise the throwback vibe.

While there’s no official release date yet, it could very well be released before the end of the year – particularly with the upcoming 2023 Renaissance Tour in our midst!

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Featured image via Parkwood Entertainment/@syd on Instagram before edits.