Taylor Swift album builder

Build your perfect Taylor Swift album and we’ll tell you what era you are

I got 1989 and can die happy

Everyone has a Taylor Swift album and era that they would defend til the end of the earth and would jump off a cliff for. It’s part of the all encompassing package of being a Swiftie. I love all the albums and all the eras for different reasons – sometimes I’m a Folklore girl, sometimes I’m a 1989 nuisance.  I thought it would be fun to create a Taylor Swift album builder – something that gives you choices to build your perfect record and then tells you what era your most aligned with!

The rules are as follows: Every album will be 14 tracks long, and that’s because her shortest record is 14 tracks in length. That way, no eras will be more weighted when one album runs out of options to put in. To make it interesting and unpredictable, I put all tracks from each album into a randomiser and span it 14 times – these 14 options make up each question in the builder in the order that they came up. That way, it’s completely fair and all bonus tracks on 30-track-long records like Red have a chance of coming up.

I’d suggest as you go through the builder to note down your choice and make a playlist as you go, and then at the end when you get assigned what album era you are you can listen to the perfect Taylor Swift album you built yourself and revel in your own exquisite Swiftie taste. I just made mine and it absolutely SLAPS.

So go on, build your perfect Taylor Swift album with the builder below and find out what era you are most aligned with!

Send me the albums you build! My DMs are open @harrisonjbrock

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