Taylor Swift memes

Taylor Swift’s new album Midnights is a masterpiece and these 21 memes prove it

Taylor in her Diana revenge dress era

Happy Taylor Swift day to all who celebrate – she dropped her new album today and the memes have been coming out thick and fast. It’s her tenth studio album and I don’t think I’ll EVER be over it. Midnights will be my personality trait for the next year and I’m not sorry. It is 13 tracks of pure unskippable genius and naturally Swifties on Twitter are going wild for it. So, here are 21 memes that sum up the masterpiece that is Taylor Swift and her new album:

1. Ar Di would have loved Midnights by Taylor Swift

2. Filing a missing persons report for Lana Del Rey

3. Taylor in her sacrificial era

4. Olaf core

5. And who can blame her it slaps!

6. Girlboss moment

7. Screaming crying throwing up

8. I will never recover from this

9. Loool

10. I feel seen

11. A whole SEVEN extra songs??

12. I AM vulnerable don’t talk to me

13. Listening to Midnights to forget about the crumbling state of UK politics right now

14. Grindr I’m screaming

15. It’s just SO GOOD

16. I will make this my personality taste for the next year

17. Thank you, jack

18. Our lord and saviour

19. As she should

20. Such a vibe

21. She was so real for this

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