wake me up dog profile pic

Erm, why the hell is TikTok randomly filled with Wake Me Up Dog profile pictures?

Not another cult!

Listen, TikTok’s been around long enough, so we should all know by now to expect the unexpected. From hamster cults to salty ice cream and the deaths of endless, endless beloved childrens’ TV characters, this whole bloody app feels like a fever dream.

Somehow though, I still find myself inexplicably baffled whenever people change their profile pictures to a random thing. Be it animal, vegetable, mineral or sponge, there is simply nothing TikTok users won’t meme.

The Wake Me Up Dog is the latest thing to fall victim to this, with hundreds of people pedestalling him as their newest cult leader. So, who exactly is the Wake Me Up Dog? And what’s this cult all about?

@now_0123 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #viral #blowthisup #wakemeupdog #trend #trending ♬ original sound – Wake me up dog

A video originally posted by TikTok user @now_0123 showed a dog “lipsyncing” to Wake Me Up by Avicii feat. Aloe Blacc. It’s a pretty standard clip you might see your mum reposting on Facebook, and it’s clearly gone through one of those weird editing apps solely designed to access your data.

But, for some reason, people absolutely LOVED it. The OP asked for people to “repost” the video in order to get them to “1k”, promising to go live if this happened. All of a sudden, people began reposting the video in droves, creating a Wake Me Up Dog “cult” to spread awareness.

According to user NoahGlennCarter, apparently “all you’ve got to do” to join the cult is “change your profile picture to this dog,” and comment “wake me up when it’s all over” under every video you watch.

I mean, knock yourselves out, I guess.

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Featured image via TikTok before edits.