salty ice cream meaning

The ‘salty ice cream’ trend is going viral on TikTok so here’s the grim meaning behind it

Whatever you think it is…it’s worse


People on TikTok have been searching for the meaning behind “salty ice cream” after the phrase blew up on the app. The meaning is truly grim and it goes without saying the phrase originated on Urban Dictionary. Here’s everything you need to know about the salty ice cream trend from TikTok and its true meaning.

What is the meaning behind ‘salty ice cream’ from TikTok?

Salty ice cream is a term that was first uploaded to Urban Dictionary by someone called Corey Miller. Before the website gets into the meaning of the phrase, readers are actually warned over distressing and sexual content.

Literally anyone can post on Urban Dictionary and there’s no real way of finding out who posted what. Because of this there are a bunch of really weird words and phrases that are on the site with strange definitions attached to them – salty ice cream being one of those. You could have gone your whole life without knowing what this phrase means and you wouldn’t lose sleep over it – but thanks to TikTok everyone is Googling it.

So many people have been left shook and repulsed by the meaning of salty ice cream on TikTok, a few people have even created videos showing their reaction to finding out what the phrase means. Pretty much everyone who has searched for the definition has said they wished they stayed curious so you can’t say you’ve not been warned.


sometimes learning something new everyday is not needed in life :/ #fyp #foryou

♬ original sound – Janx_Littlefoot

Okay sooooo, according to Urban Dictionary, salty ice cream is sperm which has been left over for more than two days. You’re traumatised. I’m traumatised. We’re both traumatised!!

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