nepo baby memes

These 32 memes about nepo babies would have Lily Allen and Lottie Moss absolutely raging

You probably do deserve to be called out if your dad’s a baron tbf

I, for one, will never get tired of nepo baby discourse. Watching famous kids of Wikipedia-page-parents whine about how they had to work twice as hard as an underprivileged person, before seeing the backlash and carnage unfold will NEVER get old. Kate Moss’ sister is fighting for her life on Twitter right now after saying “life isn’t fair,” and I’m loving every second.

The conversation crops up every couple of weeks, but this time there’s actually some context to it. US publication New York published a “nepo baby chart” inside a special “overanalysing Hollywood’s nepo babies” edition of its mag. From Maude Apatow to Dakota Johnson, Miley Cyrus and Lily-Rose Depp – not a single celeb was safe. Christ, the writers even included Phoebe Bridgers for being related to a low-level set designer. It was brutal.

It feels like the world is against nepo babies at the moment; which means an endless supply of memes; which is great news for us, really. So sit back, relax, leaf through your parents’ career history and laugh at these 32 nepo baby memes:

1. They don’t need nobody, ’cause they got each other

2. He’s CLEARLY a multitalented chef, photographer and all-round personality

3. They’d always put them in a different class so their grades weren’t biased loool

4. No work, just an obscene amount of wealth and *vibes*

5. Andrew Garfield’s silence on this is telling

6. Po is actually a member of the upper class

7. Oh my god

8. Literally nothing at all x

9. A sexy nepo baby would be an unstoppable force on the internet

10. Honestly me if my parents were famous

11. I’m a nepo baby but like, for generational trauma

12. I will beg for brownie points about my parents not being famous until the day I die

13. This but Beyoncé

14. The KPop fans are getting involved

15. Calling her a nepo baby makes her sad!

16. Dakota Johnson was TWENTY-ONE when she starred in her first major film

17. ‘We only wear sustainable vintage… my dad owns Shein’

18. Oops

19. ‘Law is something you get to break if you’re rich!’

20. You’re so right

21. The way the literal son of god is yet to acknowledge his privilege

22. She needs to stop surely

23. A nepo baby but like… his dad was a famous career criminal

24. Billy Ray Cyrus is actually the nepo baby here

25. I’m also a nepo baby (dad was interviewed on BBC Look East once)

26. Tragic

27. Chet Hanks is the nepo baby no-one wanted

28. She’s genuinely embarrassing! I’m embarrassed for her!

29. Hahahaha

30. Justice for Phoebe, she’s going through a lot right now

31. Big Fruit

32. Demigods are perhaps the ultimate nepo babies

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