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Lydia Millen is now responding to everyone in the comments, and I can’t even bear to look

‘We gave the dogs the heater x’

Right, 48 hours ago I was blissfully unaware of the name Lydia Millen – and now it’s all I’m seeing. The high-end fashion influencer decided that, during Britain’s terrible cost of living crisis, she was going to play her part by checking into the Savoy Hotel after her heater broke.

Now, rumour has it Lydia was actually already on her way to a press event at the prestigious hotel – but that didn’t stop her making “full use of their wonderful hot water” while a lot of people are going cold.

While lots of people are calling her out in the comments for being blatantly unable to “read the room,” the influencer is doubling down on her decision. The result? A number of unhinged, potentially patronising replies to people who are genuinely struggling. Let’s look at them, shall we?

‘It’s heartbreaking but I’m different’

lydia millen

After one person pointed out she “couldn’t afford” to put her heater on (due to rising energy prices), Lydia said her “heart breaks too… I just hope you know that other people’s realities are different and that’s not wrong x”.

She thinks we’re all projecting

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Another commenter pointed out that their household were “just wearing hoodies because we can’t afford to turn it on.” To which Lydia replied: “I hope you know it’s not my fault though”.

Apparently she didn’t even *read* this one

lydia millen

A uni student told the influencer “I haven’t been home to see my dad since August because I can’t afford the train tickets back from uni without living off plain pasta and rice for two weeks (which I’m doing).”

Luckily, Lydia was on hand to bless them with words of wisdom. “Enjoy (this time),” she said. “I wish I’d enjoyed those years more.”

When Lydia’s dogs literally have a better life than you


Perhaps the most stand-out response, though, was her admission that she did have a working heater in her home. But, generously, she gave it to – erm, someone else.

“I love you and your content,” another TikTok user told her. “But my boiler is currently broken and I’m wearing three jumpers.”

“We have been the same over the weekend because we gave the dogs the heater,” Lydia replied.

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