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An influencer checked into The Savoy after her heating broke, and I’m officially done

In a cost of living crisis, I think this wins the award for the most out of touch thing ever

Lydia Millen is known for being a fashion, fitness, lifestyle and travel influencer for YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. During her career she has worked with brands such as Urban Outfitters, Wildfox and Missguided. Lydia Millen has come under fire today for making a video saying her heating is broken so as a result she’s having to check into The Savoy Hotel in London during the cost of living crisis.

Lydia Millen has over 740k followers on TikTok, 1.2 million on Instagram and over 900k subscribers on YouTube. In her TikTok about checking into The Savoy she says: “The heating is currently broken in my house so I’m heading down to London. I’m checking into The Savoy and I’m going to make full use of their wonderful hot water, so let’s get ready for the day.”

People online are dragging her sooooo hard for posting this during the cost of living crisis. One person on Twitter said: “I think it’s the curse of trying to be relatable while be essentially a figure of aspiration. Your influencer-dom only works if people aspire to be like you but like people are going to have to choose between heating and eating.”

People have also been speaking about the outfit she wears to go into The Savoy. It costs at least £31,120 which is wild. For context, her outfit is worth roughly the same as 7,979 Tesco meal deals without using a Clubcard. So here’s a rundown of her outfit bit by bit and you will be shook.

This is what Lydia Millen wore to The Savoy

She starts with a funnel neck dress from Seraphina London which costs £365. Then she puts on 80 denier tights from Calzedonia which cost £15.99 for one pair. In her hair she wears a black velvet padded headband from Clementine and Mint which is listed for £40 on the website.

In terms of shoes, Lydia opts for a humble Christian Louboutin high knee leather boot costing £1,295. If you were wondering what perfume she used, it was several sprays of Penhaligon’s Highgrove Bouquet which you can buy on the website for £155. She then throws on her Italian wool coat from her collection with Karen Millen which costs way over £300.

The outfit is finished off with Noir Veau Madame Sellier Birkin 25 Gold Hardware which is listed on websites for £28,950.

Since posting her original TikTok it has emerged she was there for a press event and she has posted “Ad” onto an Instagram story tagging The Savoy and Fairmont Hotel and Resorts. In more recent Instagram stories Lydia shares her Afternoon Tea making class at The Savoy.

The influencers are truly at it again!

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