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These are all the A-list celebs who attended Meghan and Harry’s royal wedding

Imagine inviting James Corden to your wedding

The second-half of Netflix’s Harry & Meghan is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Each of the three new episodes touch on horrendous topics like death threats, miscarriage and mental illness – and the Royal Family might be fuming at just how much of their alleged bad behaviour has been exposed. Episode four, however, eased us in with a glimpse of the gorgeous Royal Wedding in 2018, as well as all the celebrity guests who attended.

Harry and Meghan’s guest list was absolutely covered in major A-listers. Obviously, the standard royals were there – the Queen, then-Prince Charles, Princess Eugenie and the Tindalls. But, it absolutely outsold William and Kate’s wedding in terms of the actual celebs we wanted to see.

So, from George Clooney to, sadly, James Corden, these are all the A-list celebs who attended the 2018 Royal Wedding:

George and Amal Clooney

george and amal

Photo via CBS

The absolute power couple that IS Amal and George Clooney showed up to the Royal Wedding head-to-toe in designer outfits. Amal and Meghan have apparently been friends for ages – potentially due to both of their work within human rights.

Serena Williams

Serena Williams is good friends with Meghan and Harry – and even appears in the second-half of the Netflix doc! She was part of the group who threw Meghan a surprise baby shower in New York, back in February 2019.

Idris Elba

idris elba

Photo via YouTube/Royal Family Channel

Idris went to the wedding with his wife, Sabrina Dhowre. According to Good Housekeeping, they were actually two of the first guests to arrive at Windsor.

Priyanka Chopra

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Priyanka Chopra showed up to the wedding with Suits actress Abigail Spencer (sadly though, no Nick Jonas in sight). Meghan reportedly first became mates with Priyanka while she was engaged to Harry, and used to post photos of the pair hanging out on her old Instagram account.


royal wedding 2018 guests

Photo via CBS

Oprah famously interviewed Meghan and Harry for CBS back in 2021, but she’d known the pair for a while. According to reports, she’d only ever met Meghan in-person once before going to the Royal Wedding! Must’ve been awkward at the reception.

Tom Hardy

royal wedding 2018 guests

Photo via YouTube/Royal Family Channel

No-one really knows how or why Tom Hardy attended the Royal Wedding, but it’s thought to have something to do with his work for the Prince’s Trust. He told Esquire the reason for his invitation was “deeply private,” but he called Harry a “fucking legend.”

Victoria and David Beckham

Let’s face it, it wouldn’t have been a royal event without the Beckhams randomly popping up, would it? David Beckham has been close to the royals for a while; having also attended William and Kate’s wedding in 2011.

James Corden

james corden

Photo via CBS

This is so, incredibly cursed. Enough said.

Elton John

elton john

Photo via ABC

Elton John was a great friend of the late, great Princess Diana, as well as an admirer of the Royal Family in general – so he obviously had to go. In the Netflix doc, Meghan revealed he also played at their reception.

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