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Sorry to say it, but Harry & Meghan is being absolutely ripped apart on Rotten Tomatoes

Someone called it ‘nauseatingly boring’ omg

Let’s get one thing straight: Harry and Meghan deserve to speak their truth. They deserve to be sheltered away from the bloodthirsty paparazzi, libellous journalists and… ahem, other media personalities praying for their downfall. They’re human beings and they should be able to live their lives in peace. 

But the Netflix doc is honestly quite boring, isn’t it. 

The first three episodes centred a lot around how the pair first met (through a FINSTA. Aren’t they like 40?!), how they managed to evade attention early on and how they felt when the British tabloids started demanding their pound of flesh. It was fine – a nice little half-series for them to reclaim their narrative. The reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, however, didn’t exactly hold back.  

Some of the reviews are classic pro-royal anti-Meghan moaning

A number of gammons anti-Meghan viewers only rated the doc half-a-star. “Totally disrespectful and misleading,” one person said. “I don’t believe this version of ‘truth’. I was open minded until the bow – that did it for me – horrible, mean.”

“Tired drivel, rehashing the same old non stories,” said another. “So very sad for Archie and Lillibet to be deliberately cut off from the extended family so mum and dad can make a few bucks – I foresee years in therapy for them.” Ouch. 

Someone got REALLY offended about that curtsy

netflix doc

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In a scene where Meghan recalls first meeting the Queen, she talked about how she had no idea how to curtsy. This led her to performing an OTT-version of how she thought she’d have to do it, and generally just laughing at herself for having no idea of the etiquette. Harmless stuff, you’d think.

But the Markle-deniers were having none of it. “When I saw the ridiculous curtsy (Meghan taking the piss out of the late Queen),” one person said. “I felt sick to my stomach. Disgusting couple and very badly made, booooooring as hell documentary. This is the last nail on their coffin. They just don’t know it yet.”

“This is nauseatingly boring,” someone said. “Both are entitled, lazy a-holes who spend their time bashing their own family for money and celebrity.”

And, of course, you should always trust the opinion of someone who unironically uses the word “a-hole” in a sentence.

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