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All of the moments from the Harry and Meghan documentary giving everyone the royal ick

Some scenes just didn’t need to be in there

We’re beginning to wonder whether Netflix should be added to the long list of people shamefully trolling Prince Harry and Meghan Markle because the streaming service’s new eponymous documentary about the couple includes enough awkward scenes to give everyone watching the royal ick— and we’re only on episode one of a six-part series.

Seriously, to spare Harry and Meghan the ridicule they have inevitably received, some of these scenes should have been outtakes left on the cutting room floor— it would have been the kind thing to do. Yet, here the footage is in all its glory, cringing out even the most devoted fans.

Are we embarrassed for Harry and Meghan? Or are we just embarrassed they’ve put our country’s problematic royals under a very public multi-million pound reality series microscope? That’s up for very angry and long-winded Twitter debate. But everyone is definitely embarrassed one way or the other. And these moments give us all good reason to be:

Prince Harry wheeling a suitcase like nobody ever has before

It’s hard to quite describe exactly what’s going on here. Mid speech about fatherhood and consent, Netflix have inserted a clip of Prince Harry bent over pushing a wheelie suitcase along the floor in the most ineffective manner anyone has ever scene. He’s just like us! He’s in airport dad mode. He pushes his own luggage! Except, he doesn’t appear to have discovered the bag’s handle or noticed his tracksuit bottoms are slowly falling down.

Endless use of ‘H’, ‘M’, and ‘Haz’ nicknames

Nobody, ever, ever wants to hear a couple’s nicknames for each other and “H” and “M” are no  exception. It’s sort of giving off a James Bond wannabe energy. As numerous comments on TikTok put it: “y’all aren’t spies”. Honourable mention also to “Haz”, which feels like it’s returning Prince Harry to his days of Schoffel wearing in numerous Chelsea nightclubs. Pls, we beg, just use your normal names.

THAT long and uncomfortable bowing scene

When Meghan first had to bow to the Queen she overdid the curtsying with a long low lunge right down to the ground and intensely mocks herself for it in the new Netflix show. But the editing process has done her dirty and, like the uncomfortable pauses whenever there’s conflict on Made In Chelsea, all anyone can feel is second hand embarrassment from the way the background music dramatically ends and Prince Harry gives a desperate side eye towards the door he could escape through. Horror.

The light sprinkling of Princess Diaries slander

Chatting shit about other royal families is fine but the Queen of Genovia? Treason, end of. Referencing her own situation, Meghan asks the audience: “Do you remember that old movie, Princess Diaries with Anne Hathaway?”, which, obv, we do.

“I have defended Meghan Markle,” responded one viewer. “But she went TOO FAR when she referred to “The Princess Diaries” (2001) as “that old movie” and not “a timeless cinematic classic.”


The most shocking reveal from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Netflix documentary is that ‘The Princess Diaries’ isn’t realistic. 😭 #royals #meghanmarkle #princeharry #annehathaway #princessdiaries

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