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This is where you recognise the cast of Netflix’s Blood, Sex & Royalty from

Apparently it’s like The Crown but ‘raunchier’

Funnily enough, Blood, Sex & Royalty on Netflix seems to be getting absolutely amazing reviews from even the most stubborn of critics. People are basically saying it’s like a really, really horny version of The Crown, set in the middle-ages. What’s not to love?

It looks like the series is another one of those British gems that’ll end up exploding all over the world, in the same way that Bridgerton, The Crown and Sex Education did. The difference is – this show doesn’t even have the bragging rights of a major Hollywood cast. It’s entirely made up of up-and-coming actors as well as small-screen TV icons.

So, with that in mind, here’s where you recognise the cast of Blood, Sex & Royalty on Netflix from:

Amy James-Kelly – Anne Boleyn

blood sex and royalty Netflix cast

Photo via Netflix

You’ll definitely recognise Amy from her numerous appearances in soaps and niche UK shows. Between 2013 and 2015, she starred as tragic Maddie Heath in Corrie. She had a main role in Harlan Coben’s Safe – as Jenny, the 16-year-old who goes missing at the beginning of the series. In Blood, Sex & Royalty, Amy plays Anne Boleyn – the former Queen of England who was beheaded on the orders of her husband, Henry VIII.

Max Parker – Henry VIII

blood sex and royalty

Photo via Netflix

Max plays Henry VIII, Anne’s former husband. Soap lovers are bound to recognise him from Emmerdale, in which he played Luke Posner for two years between 2019 – 2021. He also had a recurring role in Casualty, as Alasdair Newman.

Just before going on to star in Blood, Sex & Royalty; Max played Mikhail Tanner in Vampire Academy.

Adam Astill – Thomas Boleyn

adam astill

Photo via Netflix

Adam Astill is 100 per cent one of those British TV staples you recognise, but you can’t figure out where from. The truth is, he’s basically been in a bit of everything. From The Bill to Doctors; Grantchester to Secret Diary of a Call Girl, there’s no continuing drama, soap or comedy he hasn’t had a bit-part in. Adam plays Thomas Boleyn, a British aristocrat and the dad of Anne.

Aron von Andrian – Thomas Wyatt

thomas wyatt

Photo via Netflix

Aron played a Velaryon Knight in House of Dragon, right before going on to star as politician Thomas Wyatt in Blood, Sex & Royalty. He’s also best known for playing a promoter in Channel 4 comedy We Are Lady Parts.

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