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Christmas is all around us, which means it’s time for 14 nostalgic Love Actually memes

Aka 700 words of Colin Firth appreciation

Watching Love Actually on a cold, December day is one sure-fire way to know Christmas is actually coming. I mean, it wouldn’t be the festive season without an indescribable, rising sense of rage while watching Harry give Karen that Joni Mitchell CD for the 50,000th time, would it?

The film definitely has its issues – and some aspects haven’t aged very well – but there are plenty of memeable moments which have solidified its status as a Christmas classic. So, stick on a seasonal onesie, pour yourself a hot drink and get comfy. Because these 14 Love Actually memes prove Christmas – actually is – all around:

1. She’s right and she should say it

2. I’d treat him right

3. Our lord and saviour tbh

4. Omfg

5. Understandable sadly

6. Haha iconic deleted scene!

7. As they should

8. ‘I look quite pretty’

9. If Harry has a million haters, I am one of them

10. Justice needed!!!!

11. Featuring me and my Hinge date

12. Showstopping

13. Namely: Colin Firth

14. I hate Harry, but Alan Rickman was undeniably a king

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