Love Actually cast now

Love Actually then and now: Here’s how the cast have aged in the last two decades

Erm, the octopus costume kid is giving indie boy energy and it’s fit :/

Two decades on and now the cast of Love Actually have all aged pretty well. Love Actually is definitely one of the best British rom-coms to ever exist and that is a known fact. The movie follows a cast of very different characters who fall in and out of love and it then connects all of them through love – it’s gorgeous.

The iconic 2003 movie’s cast features actors such as Keira Knightley, Hugh Grant, Colin Firth and Liam Neeson, plus loads more. The cast recently got back together to film a reunion and it was magic. So this is what the cast of Love Actually look like now compared to when we first saw them in the film.

Hugh Grant

Love Actually cast now

via Universal and BBC

In Love Actually, Hugh Grant played the prime minister and aged like a very fine wine. He’s still sexy and you can’t convince me otherwise.

Liam Neeson

Love Actually cast now

via Universal and TODAY

Liam Neeson played Daniel, the poor guy whose wife died and who was left in the care of his step-son who fell hard in love. He’s since built a career in very hard-hitting movies and featured in Derry Girls – J’adore!

Colin Firth

Love Actually cast now

via Universal and GMA

Colin Firth played Jamie and you don’t need me to tell you this man has aged well – it’s obvious!

Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Love Actually cast now

via Universal and ITV

Thomas Brodie-Sangster played Sam in Love Actually. The stepson of Daniel and love interest of Joanna, played by Olivia Olson.

Olivia Olson

via Universal and @oliviaroseolsonn on Instagram

Olivia is largely known for her voice as Vanessa Doofenshmirtz in Phineas and Ferb. But she also needs credit as the only Love Actually cast member with a decent and updated Instagram feed.

Billy Campbell

Billy played the kid in the octopus costume and we know what he looks like now thanks to his godmother, Kathy Burke, tweeting this. Iconic.

Emma Thompson

Love Actually cast now

via Universal and ET Canada

God love Emma Thompson. Her storyline in Love Actually is just as heartbreaking now as it was two decades ago. And she’s aged perfectly – a stunning woman! I still play Joni Mitchell’s Both Sides Now just to feel something.

Kiera Knightley

via Universal and Amanpour and Company

Kiera Knightley could have featured in Love Actually, became just as famous as she is now and said only one line just so long as it was “I look quite pretty.”

Martine McCutcheon

Love Actually cast now

via Universal and martinemccutcheon on Instagram

Matine McCutcheon played Natalie in Love Actually and quite possibly had one of the best and worst storylines in the film. She has also aged very well and has thicker brows now! We stan a woman who follows the trends.

Bill Nighy

via Universal and ITV

Bill Nighy is the man of my dreams, from being in Love Actually and Once Upon A Time – he’s some of my best movie memories. He’s a king and he looks like the old man from Up now, which makes me sob ngl.

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