what happens december 3rd

This is exactly what’s going to happen on 3rd December, according to TikTok

Don’t worry, the world isn’t about to end

Over the last few weeks, loads of people have been posting videos about 3rd December on TikTok. Apparently, we’re all just supposed to *know* what’s going to happen on that date without frantically Googling it. This isn’t the first time TikTokers have warned us about a specific date, either – with 22nd February, 24th September and 21st December to look out for as well.

You’ll be pleased to know the world isn’t predicted to end this time. We’re not about to be attacked by aliens, and a massive comet isn’t going to collide with the sun. The reality is, perhaps, worse.

So – this is exactly what’s going to happen on 3rd December, according to TikTok:

@notfederer♬ heather – &lt3

User @notfederer said in a video that “3rd of December is coming and y’all know what that means”. Infuriatingly, no other explanation was given aside from this. People were just as confused in the comments, with some asking “what does that mean?” or talking about how it’s their birthday.

Content creator @kendall posted a clip featuring the Urban Dictionary definition of December 3rd – which is: “National give your heather or crush your sweater” day. Seems incredibly random, but it’s actually a line from the song Heather, by Conan Grey.

Just as the TikToks suggest, the lyrics go: I still remember the third of December/Me in your sweater/You said it looked better on me than it did you.

So, yeah. No big end of the world conspiracy, just a really grating song with cliché lyrics!

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