24th September 2022

What’s happening on 24th September 2022? The latest viral doomsday date debunked

We have a 21st December 2012 situation on our hands

Over the last week, you may have seen a load of people on TikTok and Twitter completely losing their minds over the 24th September 2022. It’s the new viral doomsday date in case you missed it, rumour says the world is going to end in a big solar storm, zombie apocalypse, World War Three and natural disasters.

It all started with one viral clip of a German politician talking vaguely about the importance of this date and somehow the internet has ended up here – in doomsday vibes. Recently this happened when someone found a clip of a zombie outbreak in China which turned out to be, yes you guess it, fake. So sit down, and take in all the drama surrounding 24th September 2022. There’s a lot.

People are saying 24th September 2022 will be doomsday

Rumours are circulating online saying 24th September will be the day where all bad things happen which will ultimately cause the end of the world. We’re talking natural disasters, a zombie apocalypse, World War Three – you could literally name anything bad and there’s probably a rumour for it.

People are suggesting there will also be a global blackout on this day but also please remember random dates go viral all the time. Throwback to 21 December 2012 when someone said the world was going to end and we all believed it – we’re still standing, baby!

A video of a German politician speaking about the date has gone viral

One piece of evidence people have for the 24th September 2022 being doomsday is a video of a German politician speaking ominously about it. As a result rumours have escalated online and created so much panic.

Friedrich Merz, the German politician, speaking in the Bundestag says: “This 24th of September will remain in our memories. In the future we’ll say ‘I remember where I was on that day’.” No one really knows what the politician was talking about and that apparently is enough grounds for creating a doomsday rumour.

He obviously wasn’t talking about the end of the world but it’s got people predicting it as well as an alleged solar storm.

Solar storm to allegedly cause the end of the world 24th September 2022

On social media people are predicting a solar storm which will end the world. A solar storm, also known as a solar flare, is a big eruption of the electromagnetic radiation in the Sun’s atmosphere. Solar flares don’t actually pose any direct danger to humans on Earth but conspiracy theorists say the one on 24th September will be different. Still, there’s no proof this will actually happen so you can relax.

The Simpsons predicted it apparently

Not only do conspiracy theorists have that video of the German man speaking but now they also have The Simpsons.

In an episode of The Simpsons called”Homer Goes to Prep School”, Homer joins a survivalist group whose leader has set up a retreat to prepare for the end of the world. A clip has gone viral online which sees Homer talking about the “looming kablooey”. He predicts a huge explosion will take place. He says: “The apocalypse is coming. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe never, but it’s coming.”

Also the end of the world episode of in Season four episode 9 which, of course, makes the date 24/9 if you are American. All of this just adds to the sense of dread we all have now.

What’s going to happen on 24th September 2022?

To be brutally honest: nothing. It’s just another fake doomsday date with rumours ready to give us all a sense of impending doom.

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