Carmy in the kitchen meme

Ok so who actually is the guy in the chef in the kitchen meme all over Twitter right now?

‘Me making my Hello Fresh meals’

There’s a meme that’s absolutely plastered all over Twitter right now. Frankly, it’s inescapable. It’s the chef Carmy in the kitchen meme from The Bear – but if you’re from the UK you likely have absolutely no context for what this actually is, so here’s the entire meme explained.

The Bear is a Hulu show that premiered in June in the States to critical acclaim. It stars Shameless star Jeremy Allen White as Carmy (the fella in the meme), a young chef who returns to run his family’s Italian beef sandwich shop in Chicago after his late brother passes away. The Bear is going to air on Disney Plus in the UK and Ireland on the 5th October and then we’ll finally get some context for the Carmy in the Kitchen meme.

What actually is the meme?

Via FX / Hulu

The meme is basically a still of Carmy in the kitchen during an episode of The Bear, looking like a very serious chef in the midst of some big cooking fiasco. The comedy comes from people using a picture of a serious chef with a caption of them doing the bare minimum whilst cooking. Like… Buying Sabra hummus instead of own brand. Adding pasta water to the pan. That kind of thing.

The origin of the meme’s popularity come from the below tweet by @pappademas, who captioned it “When I make dinner two nights in a row instead of ordering food.”

Other captions for the meme include the relatable likes of ‘Me when I make my Hello Fresh meals’, ‘Me when I grab a spoon and forget what I’m doing’ and ‘Me when I add onion and garlic powder to my instant rice.’ All a bit too close to home I fear.

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Featured image courtesy of Hulu / FX.