is Queen in coffin

Right, is the Queen actually in the coffin? An investigation

I’ve been debating this for days

Since the Queen died, her coffin has been – for lack of a better term – here, there and everywhere. It’s been taken through the streets of Scotland, on flights, on the motorway, into Buckingham Palace and now it’s about to be trundled over to Westminster Hall in the Houses of Parliament – where the Queen will lie in state for 24 hours a day until her funeral. Or… will she? Because there’s a conspiracy theory debate raging on Twitter where everyone is discussing if the Queen is actually in the coffin.

I have no clue what I think with this one, because I think there’s big points to be made for either side. Let’s weigh up the two sides, and I’ll add a vote at the end so you can decide if you think the Queen is actually in the coffin after all.


She’s IN the coffin

Okay, tinfoil hats put away, let’s say the Queen is in the coffin. I guess the biggest point for this side of the debate is that, well, where else would she be? The guards and the police and the procedures are already happening as she makes her final journeys around the country – so I guess it makes sense that she would actually be in there.

If she wasn’t in there and something went wrong and the information was leaked, there would likely be huge national outrage at the deceit from the institution – especially as people pile out of their homes in droves in the rain to pay their final respects to the only monarch most of us have ever known. One Twitter user who has “MISSING U AR LIZ” in their name on their profile says “The risk of people finding out she isn’t is greater than her being in there so”.


She’s NOT in the coffin

Okay, here’s where it gets juicy and our minds can run away with ourselves. Let’s just think about… her not being in there. Because realistically, is it convenient to have the risk of ferrying the body of the longest reigning monarch in the history of the world up and down the country – being passed from pillar to post at risk of being dropped, egged or heckled?

I shared a poll from someone asking the question if people thought the Queen was actually inside the coffin. The poll has had over 1750 votes, and a whopping 78 per cent voted to say they think the Queen is not in there.

Most of the Twitter conversation is in agreement that the argument for the Queen not being in the coffin is one of “why risk it?” – but there is risk on either side of the debate in case people find out she’s not, or risking that something might happen to her if she is in there.

One Twitter user said they heard from a customer who knew someone who worked on Diana’s funeral and claimed that she wasn’t in her coffin, and that it was likely the Queen isn’t in hers now.

Vote what you think

Vote on whether you think the Queen is actually in the coffin below:

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