Lisa Rinna M&M meme

It’s everywhere, so here’s the iconic origin story of the Lisa Rinna M&M meme explained

‘Lisa Rinna M&M has arrived at Balmoral’

Over the last week, there’s one recurring constant in my online life that I cannot escape from. And despite what you might be thinking, no – it is not the death of the Queen. It’s the rise of another Queen in my life – the renaissance and domination of the unshakeable Lisa Rinna M&M. Lisa Rinna in beany chocolate form is the funniest thing that’s happened in ages, but where the bloody hell did our chocky chica spring up from? Here’s the entire origin story of the Lisa Rinna M&M meme explained.

Lisa Rinna M&M was birthed to us in 2008

The Lisa Rinna M&M hype is very much a 2022 occurrence, but she first entered our world 14 years ago. The original picture came from a 2008 Adweek article to promote the Oscars, which featured Lisa Rinna and Joey Fatone on the red carpet as M&Ms. It is well and truly camp, to be honest.

Via M&M

But of course, the comedy of the embracing of Lisa Rinna M&M as a meme comes from its complete lack of context. Now, the Rinna M&M pops up everywhere and anywhere – like a little milky Housewives jump scare. It’s accompanied often with the Kpop track After Like by IVE. This was originated by Twitter user @evadentz – who really can be credited with the Lisa Rinna M&M craze. Rinna even replied to a tweet about her M&M alter ego with a “So delicious!” in 2021 (lol).

So delicious!

@evadentz also spreads the Lisa Rinna M&M word via TikTok, producing this iconic content that as I’m writing this is making my Monday infinitely more bearable.

Lisa Rinna loves it

Lisa Rinna M&M commander-in-chief @evadentz posted a screenshot of Rinna posting the M&M on her Insta – but this is nowhere to be found on her Insta anymore, so it’s either been deleted or it was a good Photoshop.

At the moment, the Lisa Rinna M&M memes are in a Balmoral era. Because, naturally. Here are a few of the best:


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