dorit kemsley burglary

The thieves still haven’t been found and everything else we know about Dorit’s burglary

Including why the security alarm didn’t go off

The first episode of the 12th season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills aired on Wednesday and the season kicked off with a very dramatic episode focused on the burglary at Dorit Kemsley and PK’s home.

In October last year Dorit and PK’s home was broken into and a number of high value items were stolen, all whilst Dorit and her two children were asleep in the house. Dorit was held at gun point and begged for her life whilst the thieves demanded jewellery and cash. Both Dorit and her children were left physically unharmed.

The crime became the focus of the first episode of the season with the majority of the Housewives rushing to support Dorit and PK. Dorit is incredibly emotional throughout the episode often breaking down into tears recounting the story to the other women. After the episode aired a number of people on Twitter and Instagram had a lot of questions surrounding the break in.

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This is everything you need to know about what happened during and in the aftermath of the burglary at Dorit and PK’s home:

The house was broken into in October 2021

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As seen in the Real Housewives Dorit and her two children Jagger, seven, and Phoenix, five, had arrived back at their home from London and were settling back into their normal routine. PK stayed in London for an extra few days to carry on working.

On 27th October the home was burglarised around 10:50pm. In the show Dorit explained how she had put her kids to bed, brushed her teeth and then went to bed herself.

Around 10:50pm three men broke into the house by smashing the glass of her kids’ at home school room to enter the property.

Dorit was held at gun point

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On the Real Housewives Dorit explained she heard her bedroom door open and presumed it was one of her kids coming into her room.

She got out of bed, however she soon realised it was not her kids and the first robber charged at her and grabbed her.

Dorit said they forced her onto the ground and held a gun to her head. She said she begged for her life and said: “Please I have little babies. Please, I’m a mother. Please, I beg of you, my kids need me, please please please please.”

She said the other man in the room told the gunman to “just f*cking kill her! Just f*cking kill her.”

A number of high value items were stolen

dorit kemsley burglary

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The thieves took a number of items from Dorit and PK’s home including bags and jewellery.

Dorit said they were asking her where the cash and watches were. She offered to help the thieves find the items and tried to remain calm whilst showing them where items were.

After they had taken a number of items, Dorit said she told them to go whilst they could and they had taken a lot.

The thieves took the items in her comforter and dragged it out of the property.

The security alarm wasn’t turned on because of the kids

The biggest question everyone had on Twitter was why Dorit’s alarm system didn’t go off.

Speaking on Watch What Happens Live (WWHL) earlier this week, Dorit clarified because her kids are young and often get up in the middle of the night they didn’t have the alarm system on.

People were also asking if former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member Teddi Mellencamp’s husband Edwin’s company had set up the alarm system.

Teddi went on Twitter yesterday to clarify the rumours and said Edwin had not set it up.

She tweeted: “To be clear, Edwin did not do Dorit’s alarm or security system. So Twitter can take a breath.”

The thieves still haven’t been caught

During her appearance on WWHL Andy Cohen asked Dorit if the thieves had been caught and she said they hadn’t.

She said: “No, not yet, I don’t believe so.”

Dorit went onto say the thieves had not expected Dorit to be at the property.

The kids still don’t know what happened

On the Real Housewives Dorit explained her two children were asleep throughout the entire burglary and were not told about it the following morning.

Eight months on speaking on WWHL Dorit said the children still don’t know.

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