real housewives of beverly hills instagram followers

Which of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has the most Instagram followers?

Of course Garcelle has loads

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is back for its 12th season and it’s looking like it is going to be full of shocking revelations, boujie girls trips and of course million dollar outfits. Speaking of millions, many of the Real Housewives have millions of followers on their Instagrams. Naturally the ones who have been in the show the longest have the most, however relative newbies like Garcelle are giving them all a run for their money with over a million Instagram followers to her name.

But of all the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this season, which woman has the most Instagram followers? And what is she posting? These are all the Housewives Instagram followings ranked:

8. Diana Jenkins – 31,500

via Instagram @sdjneuro

Instagram: @sdjneuro

Diana Jenkins is the newest Housewife and so naturally she doesn’t have a big following on Instagram just yet.

On her Instagram she shares pictures of her three children, photos with the rest of the Housewives cast and some cute pictures with her fiancé Asher Monroe.

7. Crystal Kung Minkoff – 340,000

via Instagram @crystalkungminkoff

Instagram: @crystalkungminkoff

Crystal joined the Real Housewives and has racked up a steady following of over 300,000 Instagram followers.

She uses her Instagram to talk about racism, post photos with her family and share cooking videos.

6. Sutton Stracke – 369,000

via Instagram @suttonstracke

Instagram: @suttonstracke

I can just tell Sutton Stracke is going to cause drama this season and massively increase her Instagram following in the process.

She currently has nearly 370,000 followers and mainly shares pictures with friends and family on her feed, including ex New York Housewife Dorinda Medley.

5. Garcelle Beauvais – 1.1million

via Instagram @garcelle

Instagram: @garcelle

Garcelle joined the Real Housewives in 2020 but had a long acting career before that which would explain why she has a signifcant Instagram following of over 1 million.

On her Instagram Garcelle promotes her book, the Real Housewives and shares pictures with her sons.

4. Dorit Kemsley – 1.3million

via Instagram @doritkemsley

Instagram: @doritkemsley

Dorit has just 200,000 followers more than Garcelle on Instagram. We all know how dedicated Dorit is to the gram as she loves to take thousands of pictures of her looks for it.

Aside from her fashion posts Dorit also shares video skits pretending to be PK and photos of her children.

3. Erika Jayne – 2.5million

real housewives of beverly hills instagram followers

via Instagram @theprettymess

Instagram: @theprettymess

Very likely to be the centre of attention again this season, Erika Jayne has over 2 million followers on Instagram, eager to see her next move.

And honestly we should all be following Erika’s Instagram after she shared and then deleted screenshots of texts allegedly sent by Tom and a woman he was allegedly cheating on Erika with.

Aside from the juicy screenshots Erika also shares outfit posts and pictures with the other Housewives.

2. Lisa Rinna – 3.3million

via Instagram @lisarinna

Instagram: @lisarinna

The resident pot-stirrer Lisa Rinna has over three million followers on her Instagram, where she regularly posts dancing videos, photos of her kids and her late mother and her outfits including her variety of different wigs.

1.Kyle Richards – 3.8 million

real housewives of beverly hills instagram followers

via Instagram @kylerichards18

Instagram: @kylerichards18

And the prize for the woman of all The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with the most Instagram followers is of course Kyle Richards.

Kyle has nearly four million Instagram followers and regularly shares insights from her life on the platform including photos with her daughters and famous friends.

All follower numbers correct at time of publishing.

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