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These are the top 10 best ever episodes of RHOBH, according to IMDb

Yes, both ‘Dinner Party From Hell’ episodes are here

Not all Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episodes are created equally. Some are pure works of art full of shade, shocking revelations and dramatic confrontations like every episode they filmed in Amsterdam or both dinner parties from hell. And yet some episodes are just dull duds. I don’t need to see Lisa Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump go and collect a Shetland pony. I need to see Lisa Rinna accuse Yolanda Hadid of having munchausen syndrome.

But of all 248 episodes, split across 11 seasons, which Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode is the best? Users on IMDb have rated every single episode out of 10 to detemine the ulimate RHOBH episode. In all honesty there’s some real shockers here that are no way deserving of top 50 let alone top 10, however some of the episodes they have got bang on.

These are the top 10 best ever Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episodes:

10. From Dogs to Diamonds (season seven, episode 17)

IMDb score: 7.3

Official synopsis: Still in Hong Kong, Lisa Rinna defends her scandalous accusations about Dorit. The ladies’ hearts are warmed when they visit the SPCA to see the dogs that Lisa Vanderpump has helped rescue. Later, back in Beverly Hills, Erika shoots her scenes for The Young & the Restless before everybody heads to Villa Rosa for a spectacular Diamonds and Rosé party.

This episode opens on the aftermath of one of the most iconic lines from the whole show, “were people doing coke in your bathroom?”. In all honesty that episode should probably be here rather than this one. The aftermath is good but not as good as the beginning of the dinner in the previous episode. The women go shopping in Hong Kong as well as visiting a dog sanctuary. Erika and Eileen make up back in LA and it basically just feels like a tying of loose ends before the grand finale in the next episode. Good but definitely not worthy of a number 10 spot.

9. Diva Las Vegas (season eight, episode two)

IMDb score: 7.3

Official synopsis: Teddi’s job as an accountability coach leads to questions amongst the group. When Lisa Vanderpump takes Erika to task for not responding whenever she reaches out to spend time with her, their friendship is called into question. Kyle and Dorit take issue with Lisa Rinna and confront her atop the High Roller—a 550 foot tall ferris wheel overlooking the Las Vegas strip. Teddi feels iced out in her attempts to get to know Erika.

This series marks the arrival of Teddi and for that reason alone should be nowhere near the top 10. However it was a nice change that the beginning of the season began with a trip away, when usually these are reserved for the midway mark or near the end of a season. Camille and Adrienne return as Friends of the Housewives in this episode, so it’s a nice bit of nostalgia. There’s some drama between Lisa Rinna and Dorit in Las Vegas’ version of the London Eye, but yeah a very unmemorable episode and I’m shocked it is this high up.

8. Dressed to the 90210s (series 11, episode one)

IMDb score: 7.6

Official synopsis: After months in isolation, the friends glam it up for a Beverly Hills “barbecue” at Dorit’s house. Kyle’s sister, Kathy Hilton, introduces the group to Crystal Kung Minkoff, wife of Hollywood director Rob Minkoff. Sutton moves into a very familiar rental house while her new home undergoes renovations. When the women are finally able to catch up inperson, Erika sheds light on a very dark summer. Meanwhile, Lisa’s abrupt apology leaves Garcelle questioning their friendship.

I’m sorry but the first episode of most Housewives series just aren’t great. They’re there to set up the season and give you hints of what to come, but there is no real drama or arguments. This episode in particular is a great example of that. There was a little confrontation between Lisa and Garcelle but that’s it. It’s a snooze fest and outrage it ended up in the top 10.

7. The Dinner Party From Hell: Part Two (series 11, episode 15)

IMDb score: 7.7

Official synopsis: Kyle assesses the progress at Sutton’s new home, while Dorit hopes her new business venture is the right fit for her family. Crystal invites Erika, Garcelle and Kathy over for a dinner where duck is served, but beef is on the menu. Kathy puts her staff to work arranging an evening to remember, but when Erika and Sutton face off, it quickly becomes a night the ladies would rather forget.

No Housewives dinner party will ever top Camille’s from season one, however this recent one comes pretty close. Erika is a formidable force to be reckoned with and takes no prisoners during her confrontation with Sutton at Kathy’s dinner. And it wasn’t just two minutes of arguing at the end, the dinner party was a full 10 minutes of Erika and Sutton saying exactly how they feel about each other. Extra points for the butler’s commentary throughout.

6. Lips Unsealed (series 11, episode 14)

IMDb score: 7.8

Official synopsis: Erika and Lisa help Kyle celebrate her birthday, but the festivities are short-lived when Erika shares more information about her marriage. When Crystal hosts a launch party for Lisa’s lip line, tensions between the ladies come to a head, leaving the glossy gathering in need of a touch up. Meanwhile, Kyle and Kathy have a heart-to-heart about their past issues.

The party for Lisa’s lip collection was the perfect setting to show off what each of the women bring to the table. Garcelle? Saying it like it is. Dorit? Stirring the pot. Kyle? Unmatched facial expressions. It’s a good episode, it’s got a big group scene coupled with smaller moments but honestly I am not a fan of all these season 11 episodes being in the top 10, where is the Brandi drama? Where is the breakdown of Lisa and Kyle’s friendship? Where is Kim Richards?

5. Welcome to Amsterdam? (series five, episode 15)

IMDb score: 7.8

Official synopsis: The ladies come together for Yolanda’s scavenger hunt around Beverly Hills and are forced to put aside their differences and work together as teams. Embarking on a group trip to Amsterdam, several of the ladies attend David Foster’s annual charity gala in Canada where Kim confronts Lisa Rinna over talking behind her back. When the women arrive in Amsterdam, more anger flares between the Richards sisters.

Ah here she is. Finally an episode worthy of the top 10. Season five is probably one of the best Housewives seasons of all time. This episode begins with that random scavenger hunt which I think we could all live without. However the rest of the episode is solid gold. They’re only on the plane to benefit dinner before Amsterdam before Lisa Rinna and Kim begin arguing. Kyle loses her bag, Yolanda makes a speech and Kyle kisses Steven Tyler. Now that is great TV.

4. The Dinner Party From Hell (series one, episode nine)

IMDb score: 8.0

Official synopsis: Camille throws a glamorous dinner party at her Malibu home and, in addition to the housewives, she invites a few special guests. The guests, however, bring up a sore subject and sparks fly between all the women in an explosive showdown, as Camille and Kyle’s issues are once again exposed.

I think about this episode at least once a week. The morally corrupt Faye Resnick, Allison Dubois smoking that e-cigarette and telling Kyle Mauricio will never fulfil her and Taylor shouting “enough” – simply sublime. How this is in number four is beyond me.

3. Amster-damn Slap (series five, episode 17)

IMDb score: 8.0

Official synopsis: With tensions still high, the ladies start day three in Amsterdam by splitting into two groups to explore the city. Eileen confronts Lisa Rinna about Lisa’s failure to support her in front of Kim. Later, at dinner on a riverboat, all the unresolved issues come to a head. The night climaxes with Brandi playfully slapping Lisa, but for Ms. Vanderpump it’s no game.

This is the aftermath of the Amsterdam dinner so I understand why it’s high up but I would definitely swap it with the OG Dinner Party From Hell episode. That said it’s still a great episode. The tension is palpable at every moment and you can just tell none of them want to be there. To top it all off Brandi slaps Lisa and Kim and Eileen have another showdown.

2. Season’s Grillings (series 11, episode 13)

IMDb score: 8.2

Official synopsis: Shockwaves from an unexpected news article continue to spread as the ladies try to piece together the truth. Meanwhile, Garcelle serves up a very Haitian holiday meal for her family. When Kyle gathers the ladies for Christmas dinner, holiday cheer turns to jeer as the women press for answers, and Erika realises that not everyone has her best interests at heart.

Maybe I’m just so over the Erika drama but season 11 should not be ranking this consistently high. However this is a good episode. It starts off with the girls debating if Erika has told the truth with Sutton leading the charge against her. The first 10 minutes are excellent. All of the Housewives are questioning everything the viewers are. The ending of the episode is pretty good too with the women questioning Erika at dinner and I would just like to thank whoever seated Sutton next to Erika. And Garcelle for calling Dorit out. Well done.

1. Amster-damn! (series five, episode 16)

IMDb score: 8.7

Official synopsis: In Amsterdam, tensions continue to run high between Kim and Lisa Rinna, culminating in a shocking and explosive dinner that leaves Kyle fleeing the scene. Several of the ladies enjoy the local “space cakes,” but the fun sours when Brandi unexpectedly explodes at Kyle.

If any Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode is going to be worthy of the number one spot it’s this one. Lisa Rinna, Eileen and Kim face off at dinner in Amsterdam and for once the biggest part of the episode happens in the middle rather than ending on a cliff hanger. Kim calls Eileen a beast, Lisa Rinna looks like she’s going to strangle Kim and Kyle runs away into the midst of the night. It’s downright Shakespearean.

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