Ranked: The mega salaries of all the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Ok so how I do get a job as a housewife?


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are no strangers to excessive wealth, they have all net worths over a $1million and thanks to their impressive salaries from the show their net worths are only set to increase. But which of the housewives has the highest salary?

Well they all make at least $100,000 for being a housewife for one season and now I’m suddenly interested in flying to LA and convincing Andy Cohen to give me a job.

The highest ever salary on the show was reportedly for Denise Richards who was paid $1,000,000 to appear for one season. However since her departure, another housewife has taken the spot of the highest salary.

These are all the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills salaries from the show:

Kyle Richards – $500k

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Beverly Hills legend Kyle Richards has been in the show since season one and so naturally she has a very high salary.

Her current salary is reported to be $500,000. She’s come a long way since the first season when she was paid $36,000.

However according to ex housewife Camille Grammer, Kyle was reportedly paid $134,000 for the first season.

Erika Jayne – $500k

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Though it’s not known how much Erika was paid when she first joined the show, after six years on Real Housewives she’s now getting an impressive salary of $500,000 per season.

The money will sure come in handy as she’s currently in the process of a divorce, and we’ve all heard how expensive American legal bills can be.

Lisa Rinna – $500k

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The resident pot stirrer of Real Housewives is paid good money for the chaos she brings. Lisa Rinna is reportedly paid $500,000 per season on the show.

When she first appeared on the show in season five she was paid $450,000 but has since had a raise. Probably for all the drama she’s instigated.

Dorit Kemsley – $100k

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Dorit is fast becoming a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills staple cast member, however she’s only getting paid a fraction of the other housewives.

She now gets paid $100,000 per season of the show, however it’s not known what she was getting paid when she first appeared on the show in 2016.

Crystal Kung Minkoff – $100k

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The newest housewife Crystal Kung Minkoff is reportedly getting a big salary for her first season on the show.

According to Stars Offline, Crystal is set to be paid $100,000 for this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Garcelle Beauvais – Unknown

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Despite joining the cast two years ago, it’s not known what Garcelle is being paid to appear on the show. However she does have an estimated net worth of $8million, so she’s not doing too badly.

Sutton Stracke – Unknown

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Sutton joined the cast two years ago as the friend of Lisa Rinna but is now being upgraded to an actual housewife. However it’s not known what she’s being paid.

Diana Jenkins – Unknown

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Diana is the newest housewife to join Real Housewives of Beverly Hills however it’s currently not known how much she’s getting for her first season.

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