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Debunked: Did The Simpsons really predict the Queen’s death?

It’s getting out of hand now

A big event has happened, which means another “Simpsons predicted” theory is inevitably making the rounds on the internet. This time, people are claiming the show’s all-seeing writers predicted the death of Queen Elizabeth II. And I for one, welcome our new future-telling overlords.

As we now all know, the 96-year-old Queen passed away earlier this month (8th September) at Balmoral Castle. Well over 4 billion people around the world are estimated to have watched her funeral – and we know she definitely didn’t die in a carriage-crash.

But, that hasn’t stopped conspiracy theorists from making up a Simpsons episode where we – apparently – saw her lying-in-state, after being hit by Homer’s car.

So, did the Queen ever actually make an appearance on The Simpsons? And are the viral screenshots real?

An episode of The Simpsons named The Regina Monologues came out in November 2003. It sees the family going on a trip to England, after Bart earns £3k while running a museum out of his treehouse.

Several iconic British celebs made cameo appearances at the time – including Tony Blair, Ian McKellen and Frasier’s Jane Leeves. Other characters, like Judi Dench and Prince Harry, were played by members of the voice cast instead.

Towards the end of the episode, Homer becomes frazzled while tackling a roundabout. He ends up speeding towards Buckingham Palace and crashing into a golden carriage – which just so happens to belong to the Queen.

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The episode ends with Homer being taken to court by HRH herself, and she’s seen wearing a neckbrace in the witness box. It’s ruled that Homer will be released without charge, if he promises to take Madonna back to the US with him.

It’s a silly little storyline, pretty typical of a usual, whacky Simpsons episode. But, does the Queen actually die? Nope.

It seems as if the screenshots showing her death have been doctored by someone random – it definitely hasn’t ever been shown on The Simpsons. Sorry.

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