Queen Trisha Paytas

Erm… some people online are convinced the Queen has been reborn as Trisha Paytas’ baby

Why does this feel like a Riverdale storyline?

Yesterday, Queen Elizabeth II passed away aged 96 – ending the longest ever reign by a monarch in British history. Also yesterday: Infamously controversial YouTuber Trisha Paytas gave birth to her first child. Coincidence? A certain corner of the internet seems to think not. Yep, people on TikTok and Twitter are embroiled in a conspiracy theory that the Queen has been reincarnated and reborn as Trisha Paytas’ baby.

Erm… what x

No, you did actually read that right. Trisha Paytas went into labour the day before the Queen passed away, announcing to the world in Trish fashion that she was dilating. Because of the timing of these two events, Twitter and TikTok quickly theorised that perhaps the two instances – the death of one and the new life of another – was the collision of two very different realms of pop culture.

Musing on the chaotic nature of recent news, one Twitter user said: “I can never delete this app because the progression from making fun of that Reddit guy’s sex song, to Don’t Worry Darling drama, to Lea Michele funny girl debut to the Queen being reincarnated as Trisha Paytas’ baby is absolute gold.”

For some of the online world, the way they discovered the news that Queen Elizabeth had died was via tweets saying she’d been reborn as Trisha Paytas’ baby. “Imagine finding out the Queen of England died because stan accounts are tweeting she’s going to be reincarnated as Trisha Paytas’ baby because she’s going into labor right now”, Sam Stryker said.

To add chaos to catastrophe and fuel the conspiracy further, Trisha Paytas gave birth to a girl. If she names her Elizabeth, I will lose my absolute mind.

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