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Nobody is taking the Queen’s death harder than these 11 emotional mums on TikTok

Wholesome icons all round!

Yesterday, the news that Queen Elizabeth II had died aged 96 shocked and upset royalists across the entire world – none more so, though, than a cohort of TikTok mums who took the news extremely hard indeed. Thank god that we have their dedicated children to share their dramatic and wholesome reactions with the world via the medium of TikTok – because nothing is making this forced period of national mourning more bearable than watching a load of icons weeping on the stairs. Here’s a roundup of all the best mums on TikTok reacting to the news that the Queen had died.

1. Love the wails of ‘It’s all we’ve ever known!’

2. This ma definitely referred to the Queen as ‘The Nation’s Grandmother’

3. If your mum isn’t falling to the floor in grief then she is not truly mourning the queen – end of

4. ‘You’ve got to remember this night because if you don’t … this is a moment in history, this is’

5. I am convinced by this reaction that this mum was a personal friend of the Queen before she died


You’d think she knew her. My mums grieving the Queen more than she would my Nan #ripqueenelizabeth #godsavethequeen

♬ original sound – Lucy Alice Forshaw

6. I am so fascinated by these iconic and distraught mums, they all need a hug


Guys i cant 🤣🤣🤣🤣. This lady is not real .#queen #queenelizabeth #lizzy

♬ original sound – beautnans

7. On her knees at the telly, I’m obsessed

8. ‘I feel like I’ve lost a friend’ – Well, you can gain one in me, because you’re an icon


if anyones got any friends that could replace her list one let me know 🤣 #fyp#foryou#queenelizabeth#mum

♬ august – Taylor Swift

9. Absolutely obsessed with this icon in floods and collapsed on the stairs

10. From now on I will only be saying the word ‘Grandmum’ 

11. I know I shouldn’t laugh but my mate said this cold be Kerry’s mum from This Country and I’m wheezing

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