that's you when you were a baby TikTok trend with white puppet

Right, what is this ‘that’s you when you were a baby’ TikTok video and why can’t I escape it?!

Where did this come from, please?

Right now, it seems as though everyone is doing a TikTok trend where you show someone young a video of a little puppet, and try to tell them “that’s you when you were a baby”. Sometimes they innocently fall for it, and sometimes, like the rest of us, they have absolutely no idea what’s going on.

The videos have been getting millions of views, and the trend has been copied countless times, so what the hell is going on? If like a lot of us right now you need some sort of explanation as to how this has infiltrated your FYP and won’t go away, here’s what we know about the weird trend.

Right, what is the ‘that’s you when you were a baby’ TikTok video?

The original video is from a TikTok account called @mestreensinador1, and has over six million views. There are two videos people seem to be duetting with the most, one currently with five million views, one with over six million. The videos show a white puppet in a green hat, flying around some sort of woods.

According to KnowYourMeme, the creator and the puppet have a number of different names they’re known by. “The Whimsical Little Creature or Mestreensinador1, also known as Maestre Ensinador, is a TikTok account featuring videos of a flying white puppet wearing a green hat named, ‘Tiburcio’,” the page reads.

The name translates to “master teacher” in Portuguese, and the original poster calls the puppet “forest being” in the comment sections. Other videos include the puppet dancing, flying around the earth and doing rituals.

The trend has started quite recently, and people on TikTok show the puppet videos to younger siblings or family members, and try to convince them it’s a video of them as a baby, often asking them if they remember doing what the puppet is doing. A lot of people have been saying that for some reason, unknown to everyone, the video has a sense of familiarity to them.

And where did the puppet and the trend come from?

The puppet itself was actually discovered in 2020, when the TikTok account posted a video of him finding the puppet buried in a bag in the dirt. The caption to the video is “Butija” which means “buried treasure.” Since then, he’s created this entire online world with the puppet in, following him in the videos.

The first “that’s you when you were a baby” TikTok video appears to have been from @iz.khalifa1, when she tried to convince her younger brother that he was the puppet. He is completely fooled, and says he remembers it. This video’s had over two million views.

Since then, loads of people have tried the same thing. There are currently over 6,000 videos on the original audio and they are hilarious, and very very cute. Unfortunately though, it’s just this guy’s puppet he found buried, it’s none of these poor family members when they were a baby. A shame.


#duet with @mestreensinador1 he’s impressed with himself

♬ som original – Mestre Ensinador


#duet with @mestreensinador1 😭😭 This trend is so funny

♬ som original – Mestre Ensinador

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