Spotify festival lineup generator

It’s all over Twitter, so here’s how to make a festival lineup with your Spotify artists

Shaking at my headliners being Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and Madonna

If your Twitter and Insta were anything like mine over the weekend, you’ll have been scrolling through endless festival lineups that sound either too good to be true or like the worst lineup you could ever possibly imagine. Why? Because there’s a new website that links up with your Spotify and creates a festival lineup for 2022 with artists you’ve been streaming – perfect for you to share on Twitter and Insta. The vibes aesthetic is the icing on the cake.

Head to Instafest

We’ve had festival lineup creators that use your Spotify go viral on Twitter and Instagram before, but this one is the vibiest yet. To make your own, head to the Instafest website here. You then need to sign in with your Spotify account.

After you’re all signed in, the site will give you your festival lineup. By default, it uses artists you’ve been streaming on Spotify for the last six months but it also gives you options to use your all time artists and your last month too. You can then also customise your theme.

The three different themes are all a massive vibe, and I genuinely had no clue which to settle on. The three options are Malibu Sunset, LA Twilight and Mojave Dusk and they all slap.

It also lets you customise the festival name – but it defaults to whatever you set up your Spotify account with. Harrisonbrocklehurstfest was a bit of a mouthful, so I changed it to Harrifest. Which, when it has headliners of the calibre of Madonna, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé, you’d all be buying a ticket too.

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