Ok so who is Kevin the female gaze guy on TikTok and what’s the science behind his trick?

Do I fancy this man? I really couldn’t tell you

Right now, your FYP on TikTok is probably filled with a random guy called Kevin and loads of people commenting about how he’s nailed the “female gaze”. This guy basically posts videos of himself lip-syncing to songs, where at first he appears nervous and then suddenly he switches to being confident – which apparently is the science behind what women find attractive.

But, like, who is this guy? And is there actually a science behind what he’s doing? His comments section really does seem to think so, so here’s a breakdown of what there is to know.

So who is Kevin from TikTok who does the female gaze videos?

Kevin kinda accidentally started a TikTok trend, when he posted a video of himself lip-syncing to Justin Bieber – Boyfriend. His video, posted on his @strangek3vin account, has over 22million views and has sent people wild. At first, he’s lip-syncing the song nervously, and then suddenly changes to be confident, looking the camera up and down.

Since, he’s done the trend over and over to different songs, manipulating “the female gaze”, even once whilst eating chicken. Fair enough, it works. He’s now got over three million TikTok followers, 132million likes and tens of millions of views across his videos.


this time but with chicken . snap – strangekevin

♬ original sound – vdkmr

Ok, so who is this guy? I really wish we knew more about him, but all he really says about himself is that he appears to live in New York. He has Instagram, with over 57.3k followers, and lists himself as a public figure.

Strange Kevin the female gaze guy on TikTok

via Instagram @strangek3vin

His Instagram only has four posts, but they are all selfies. He’s a big fan of teeny tiny sunglasses, that’s a major take from it. He’s also big into gaming, and has a Twitch account linked in his TikTok bio.

What is the science behind the female gaze trick?

Let’s get into the science. This isn’t the first time the female gaze has been turned into some sort of trend on TikTok. We’ve all heard of the male gaze theory – from a male perspective where women are portrayed as sexual objects for the viewing pleasure of a male.

According to an interview posted by TikToker @ohcanadacreative, the female gaze is the female perspective in filmmaking and popular culture. “It’s about emotional intelligence, social interactions and treating each character with respect. When characters are desired by one another they’re not treated as sexual objects.”

People are saying Kevin on TikTok has the “female gaze perfected”. One comment said: “It’s the way he droops his eyes and looks into the camera, and then switches right back to being awkward.” Another added: “Is the female gaze in the room with us rn?”

Linking what Kevin does back to the definition of the female gaze, it looks as though he nails it through having the balance of being interested, but not too forward. His eye contact is more complex, and takes understanding and emotional intelligence to get the vibe of. Apparently it’s something in how he allows women to understand and feel his thoughts, without having to outwardly sexualise women. It’s quite smart when you think about it like that.

To an extent, it might just be TikTok running away with itself, but sure, he’s got something going on here.

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